Email Signature with image in macOS Sierra running on Mac, iMac, Macbook

How to Add Email Signature with image on Mac: macOS Big Sur/Catalina, Mojave & Earlier

Your identity in signature at the End of mail that you send from Mail app on Mac or iPhone is Very useful for all professional and Business purpose. Here you have to learn how we can make our signature more delightful and informative. Yes, you can add emoji, Images (Business logo, Picture), Plain Text, Web address, HTML, Digital Signature or name in your Signature. Also able to set different signature in different mail account, Switch to another mail account also gets new signature and more. Learn how to add Email Signature with image in latest macOS.

Note: Existing Signature created on iPhone doesn’t make any effect after create signature on Mac for the same account. Signature on Mail app for different devices, Save it locally and use when you compose new mail.

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How to add Email Signature with image On Mac

1: Launch Mail app on Mac.

Mail app on Mac

2: From Top Mac menu, Under Mail > Click on Preference.

Mail App system Preference macOS Sierra

3: Next, Option windows click on Signature option from top tab.

Signature Option in Mail app

4: First Pan Showing all added account in your Mail app, Choose account where you want create signature for that. Here I made signature for my iCloud mail account.

Signature added on new Mail

5: Next, Click on “+” icon and gives name of the signature.

Note: Under single mail account you can add any numbers of different signature with this “+” option.

Picture in Mail app signature

Last pane is for make signature, type here it will auto save and will be found when you compose new mail from mail app.

Add Photo/ Picture or Logo in Mail Signature

Copy image that you want add in signature first from your Drive or Folder on Mac, Directly past it inside signature location (last pane) – Show in step 4

Now easy to use when you compose mail or Change signatures you created for the mail account, See Below image.

Email Signature with image in macOS Sierra running on Mac, iMac, Macbook

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Future time you can re-Edit, Remove or Add more signature easils that’s you show in above steps.

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  1. The only way I can get my signature to appear in multiple colors with my logo is by unchecking “always match default message font”. Now it shows in basic block letters. It worked perfectly until I had to re install my mail program. I am using 11.02 Safari and gmail..

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