How to Make iPhone Announce Caller Name & Number: iPhone 11 Pro, Max, iPhone XR,Xs,X, 8/8 Plus, 7/6

There are too many benefits while we Make iPhone Speak Caller’s Name or Number option from settings. Without touching screen, know who is calling you and Fix iPhone announce calls not working. Other mobile OS and Gadgets also giving feature like same but for the iOS device, it’s awesome. Because sound is much clear and beautiful that we can easily listen and identify who is calling.

Let’s we can check it here how to do that on the latest iOS version. The number is not saved with any name or details, and then your phone will sound with “Unknown Number”.

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Steps for Enable or Turn on iPhone Announce Caller Name


  • Step #1. Open the Settings App on the iPhone, iPad.
  • Step #2. Scroll down the Screen to find & Tap on Phone

1 Phone settings on iPhone

  • Step #3. Tap on Announce Calls

2 Announce Call option on iPhone

  • 4. Inside the Announce Call > Select “Always”.

2 Announce Call option on iPhone

There are Four Different options,

  • Headphones & Car: Announce incoming calls when headphones or a car with Bluetooth is connected.
  • Headphone Only: Announce incoming calls when headphones are connected.

Disable Announce Call or Speak Incoming Call on iPhone

Stop or Disable announce caller name for the incoming call. That stops remaining who is calling you.

  • Go to the Settings > Phone > Account Call > Never.

Useful: Set pictures on iPhone contacts.

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