How to Set Shuffle Wallpaper on iPhone in iOS 17.3.1

In Short

  • Set up shuffle wallpaper from multiple photos and albums. Change Style for Photos.
  • Change Shuffle Wallpapers duration by Daily, Hourly, On Lock, and On Tap.
  • Edit Photos in Shuffle Wallpapers on iPhone.

Setting shuffle wallpaper on your iPhone allows you to enjoy a variety of your favorite Photos and albums as your phone’s background (Lock screen and Home Screen), changing periodically by Daily, Hourly, On Lock, and On Tap. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up shuffle wallpaper on your iPhone:

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Can You Have Multiple Pictures on iPhone Lock Screen?

you can have multiple pictures on your phone’s lock screen by change automatically. This means that now you can have a set of pictures on your phone, which will automatically shuffle on your phone as lock screen wallpapers by Daily, Hourly, On Lock, and On Tap.

Can you shuffle a photo album on the iPhone lock screen? Yes

Well, you would know the answer to this question since we have already discussed it above. You can shuffle a photo album on your iPhone as a lock screen. Let’s see how to do this.

Step 1:– Launch the settings app on your iPhone > Scroll to Wallpaper. Tap on Add New Wallpaper.

Launch the settings app tap wallpaper click add new wallpaper on iPhone

Step 2:– Tap on as soon as the gallery of images opens, you will find an option on the top of your screen that says Photo shuffle.

Step 3:-  Click on the Options ‘Choose Photos Manually‘ or ‘Choose Album‘ or ‘People‘. 

2. Click photo shuffle select people,album,or Select Photos Manually choose albums on iPhone

Step 4:- as soon as you click on the photo shuffle options, you will be directed to a photo gallery or a photo library. This will show all your photo albums that are available on your phone and a lot of other cool photo albums as well. All you have to do now is click on all the pictures you want to display on your lock screen. You can take as many as you want.

Click recents tap on select photos on iPhone
Select photos tap to add select add on iPhone

Add more pictures by tapping on the Grid icon > Add Photos… > Done.

Step 5: Swipe Between Style: Natural, Black and White, Duotone, Color Wash.

Select Swipe Between Style in lock screen on iPhone

Step 6: To Update the Change frequency, Tap on more options and select Daily, Hourly, On Lock, and On Tap.
Step 7:- Once you’ve selected the pictures, click on the sign on the top of your screen that says add. And there you go.

Click three icon select shuffle frequency tap add on iPhone

Step 8: Select Set as Wallpaper Pair or Customse Home Screen. All the pictures that you have selected will now be displayed on your lock screen as various lock screen wallpapers. 

Select the grid option tap set as wallpaper pair or customise home screen on iPhone

How to change the shuffle frequency on the iPhone lock screen?

This is a fair question to ask, considering we prefer some photos on a lock screen more than others. 

What this implies is that you can change the frequency. You can either keep the lock screen wallpaper for an hour and then let it change or even for a day. If you want, you can have a new lock screen wallpaper every time you open your phone. Yes, you read it right now. All of these can be customized and be made as per your choice. Let’s see how to change the shuffle frequency on iPhone with regard to lock screen wallpapers.

Step 1:- Open your phone such that the lock screen is displayed. Touch and Hold to Edit Wallpaper > Customize.
Step 2:- Select Wallpaper for Lock screen > you will find at the bottom of your screen three dots. Click on these three dots.

Touch and hold in lock screen tap customise click lock screen on iPhone

Step 3:- this will open a menu box for you, and you will see an option that says shuffle frequency. Click on shuffle frequency.
Step 4:- you will now see a drop-down menu with a few options such as daily, hourly, On tap or On Wake, etc.
Step 5:- Choose the Option you want for your iPhone, and there you go!

Click three icon tap shuffle frence tap on done on iPhone

With this feature, you can have a new lock screen wallpaper every day, every hour, or every time you unlock your phone. This feature by Apple is indeed a boost to its current features because we all have different preferences, don’t we? 

This feature takes that into account. Another feature to note here is that merely tapping on the lock screen will change the Wallpaper. So you don’t even have to unlock your phone. Just keep your phone such that the lock screen is displayed, tap anywhere on the screen, and tada! You have a new lock screen wallpaper!

How to change the shuffle photo manually on lock screen?

We can change the photo on the lock screen using a Finger Tap after selecting the shuffle wallpaper option and setting it on-screen. Other possibilities are that it will automatically update or change as we lock and wake the screen using the side power button or while raising to wake display each time. Follow the below steps,

  1. On your iPhone Lock screen, Touch and Hold on Wallpaper to Edit. Click on Customize Option.
  2. Select Lock Screen > See the Option to change the Wallpaper On Lock and on Tap
  3. Using the Option for shuffle wallpaper, we can manually change the lock screen wallpaper on the iPhone.
Tap three icon select on lock or on tap click done on iPhone 2

How to Change Shuffle Frequency on iPhone Lock screen?

To Change shuffle frequency on the iPhone lock screen, we have the Option to change it automatically on “Daily”, “Hourly” or On user’s action like “On Wake” or “On Tap”.

To change the Wallpaper Shuffle frequency settings on the lock screen, Put your iPhone screen in edit mode by Touch and Hold on the Wallpaper screen > Customize > Tap on More Option > Shuffle Frequency: Daily, Hourly, On Wake, and On Tap.

Click three icon tap shuffle frence tap on done on iPhone

Can you have multiple pictures on the iPhone lock screen?

Let me summarize this question, We can set multiple pictures from our Photos app for Wallpaper, but we can’t set more than one Wallpaper at a time on the lock screen. 

  1. Click the Grid Icon tap on Add Photos… select the Albums left panel, then tap Recents
Tap grid tap add photos... click recents select albums on iPhone

2. Select the photos and tap on the Done button, then by the lock screen Done button.

Select photos tap done click on done on iPhone

This feature is called shuffle wallpaper on the lock screen. Steps are given in this tutorial.

Can you shuffle a photo album on the iPhone Lock Screen? 

Yes, we can directly select your Album created in the Photos app as a Lock Screen Wallpaper. Then it will change on your Frequency settings. 

Choose Shuffle Wallpaper Type if you haven’t created it yet. Or Edit on the Shuffle Wallpaper screen, Touch and Hold on the Wallpaper. And See the More Option at the bottom right corner, See the Shuffle Frequency Wallpaper Option > Daily, Hourly, On Wake, or On Tap.

That’s it.

Can I edit or Remove Pictures from Shuffle Wallpaper on iPhone?

Once you have a lock screen with multiple pictures on Shuffle, you can do much more, such as adding widgets, Weather reports, etc. 

You can also manually shuffle these photos on your lock screen. 

For this, open your phone such that the lock screen is displayed. At the bottom of your screen, you will find an option with six dots in the left corner. Click on this option to show you all the images you selected for your photo shuffle option for your lock screen. 

If you have selected say 4 options all of those images will be displayed here, if you have selected 10 images then those 10 images will be displayed here. 

You can add images from here “Add photos“, remove images that you no longer want to be seen as your lock screen wallpaper, and even change the current lock screen wallpaper. Remember to use this feature. You don’t have to open any setting or any other app or browser on your device. All you have to do is choose an option that is already there on your lock screen.

What are the other lock screen wallpapers for iPhone?

You can do many other things to your lock screen wallpaper to customize it as per your choice. iOS 16 offers many options, such as choosing a solid or gradient color as lock screen wallpaper. If you do not like Fancy stuff on the lock screen wallpaper, this Option is best for you. You will be shown a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. There are also a lot of dynamic designs that are available to be put as lockscreen wallpapers. 

Another lesser-known feature is that of emoji lock screen wallpaper. To see how this plays out, all you have to do is go to ‘add new‘ wallpaper option and choose the Option that says emojis. You can select up to 6 different emojis that will be displayed on your lock screen. If you don’t want all six different emojis to be displayed, then go ahead and choose just one emoji. Once you have selected all the emojis, they will automatically be depicted on the screen and shown in fun patterns. As you swipe your screen, your collected emojis are displayed in different patterns. Remember, these patterns are built, and you don’t have to work additionally to arrange them. Tapping on the three on the lock screen wallpaper will also enable you to customize the background color of the lock screen with emojis.

The significant thing to understand here is that with the new iOS 16, you can do much more on your iPhone lock screen. You can keep it quirky if you like, or keep it basic if that is your choice. All the features are extremely accessible and available on the tips of the fingers. You don’t have to surf through your phone setting to find how to change the lock screen. 

Everything can be done within seconds with the new lock screen features presented by iOS. 

From keeping the weather display as the lock screen wallpaper of your current location to keeping your favorite emojis as your lock screen wallpaper, from choosing the photo shuffle options and keeping your favorite memories as your lock screen wallpaper to going with a single solid color for your lock screen wallpaper- you can do pretty much everything you like and anything you want. Needless to say, experimentation is the key, and why not when it is so easy? 

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