Problems with Files app in iOS 13.2.2/12/iOS 12.4 on iPhone, iPad: Here’s the Fix

7 Fix out Files app problems in iOS 11 on iPhone

Let’s see the most common issue on Files App Not Working in iOS 12. Basically, Apple Files app allows you to manage all types of file on your iOS device like save files locally for offline access, Upload to iCloud or Third-Party Drive, Save from other cloud storage (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud Drive, Amazon Drive and many other). For that, we must enable third-party app access to the Files app. Let’s see most standard Files app issues and the Troubleshooting guide.

We can search in Files app with file name and folder name. So we can organize (View, Edit, and Save) all files in one place, and Also on other Apple device using the same iCloud ID.

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Compatible models and iOS: iPhone 5S, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus/ iPhone X/ iPhone XS/ iPhone XS Max/ iPhone X, iPad Pro/ iPad Air/ iPad Mini.

7 Fix out Files app problems in iOS 11 on iPhone

Here’s Fix Files app not working on iPhone, iPad

1: Resultant screen is blank or iOS files empty

Enable iCloud Drive on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from settings app.

Go to the Settings > Next, Tap on your Profile name > Scroll down and Tap on iCloud.

8 iCloud Settings in iOS 11

Again Scroll down to the screen and Enable iCloud Drive toggle.

9 Enable iCloud Drive in iOS 11 on iPhone

2: Files app crashing and unresponsive

Are your experiencing about files app crashing automatically and freeze while downloading or uploading the file, the Resultant screen is blank or iOS files empty? So try our guide to Speed Up Slow iOS.

Force Close app from multitasking screen on iPhone or iPad.

Double tap on home button until your see app switcher, Slide up finger on the screen to close the app.

10 Close Files app on iPhone in iOS 11

For iPad: Swipe finger up from bottom edge to top edge until you see all apps on the screen. Now drag file app preview to the upper direction of the screen and close it.

An issue with Dropbox in Files app

Recently I found huge spicks via Email and Comments with Dropbox issues.

DropBox officially declares that Dropbox app is now compatible with New Files app in iOS on iPhone and iPad. First, integrate Dropbox App with Files app by Enable DropBox in Files app Settings. Let’s check how to add Dropbox to Files app on iPhone, iPad with iOS.

Make sure you have a latest updated version of Dropbox installed from app store.

Compatible Dropbox app version is 64.3 or later. Using this guide we can Check app version from iPhone Settings.

3: Search not working in Files app

Type exact text in the search box, or Restart iPhone for re-index all the Documents in files app.

Maybe your iPhone is hanging and taking more time to search file due to too many files.

4: On My iPhone or My iPad Missing in Files app

For the new iOS device, you can’t see On My iPhone/iPad in Files app. Let’s see how to enable On My iPhone/iPad in Files app.

5: Sync files over USB-to-Lighting on Files App

We can save Flash drive file to local files app storage – at one place. Know how it works!

1. Plug your 8-pin flash drive on iPhone’s charging slot.

2. Open Flash drive app on the iOS device that only detects and allows drive files on your iPhone and iPad.

3. Open the document or select files that you want to save in Files app.

4. Now, Tap on Sharing icon (Upper arrow with Square box).

5. Sharing popup will show the option for Save to Files.

Tap on it, Next, find location inside files app on iPhone at there we want to save.

6: Unable to use or add Third-Party app in Files App

Open files app on iPhone, Now Tap on Locations at the top right corner of the screen.

Here, you can see all different locations means direct access to third-party cloud storage. To disable or enable selected storage tap on Edit from the top right corner of the screen,

Enable Toggle that we access in files app.

Read Our Full Guide: How to add Third-Party Cloud in Files app

Note: Installed Cloud iPhone App will show here only.

7: Check For Update App in App Store

Go to the App Store on iPhone, iPad running on the latest iOS. Now, search “Files” in the search box.

11 Download or Update Files app in iOS 11

See any updates is available for it to not.

Also, check for iOS update, Files app is built in app in iOS – Some improvement and new feature auto fix files app issues.

8: Files app not showing on home screen

If you won’t be able to find Files app on iPhone, Make sure app is deleted or not. Otherwise, you can search or re-download files app on iPhone from the app store in iOS.

12 Black Screen Files app issue

9: Unable to access SMB in files app

There are very few SMB’s supported Files app on the iPhone and iPad. Depends on SMB file system apps API structure you can manage it inside the Files app if its support files app API.

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