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Is Command R not working on Mac, MacBook? M1 or Intel Macs means Mac won’t boot into recovery mode. Without Command R and other key combinations, it’s pretty hard to fix the Mac or put the Mac into Recovery Mode or reinstall the MacOS. Reinstalling the macOS is the solution to system and app crashing, and many other issues, and to enter in recovery mode, Command+R plays an essential role in this scenario.

In this article, we’ve gathered the best solutions to fix the Command R not working (Internet Recovery Mac not working) along with alternate options that can be used instead of Command R. Starting the tutorial with the basics.

Fix Command+R Not Working on MacBook Pro, Mac

Reasons Why Command R Not Working on Mac

  • Apple’s New Silicon Chip and M1 Mac Changed the Recovery Key Process that used in Intel Macs. –
  • Shut down your Mac and Wait for 10 seconds. Now, Open Press and Hold Power Key [Touch ID] Button until you see the Startup volume and Options on screen. Here’s a Full guide on Recovery mode on Mac.recovery-mode-in-m1-mac
  • The macOS Snow Leopard or Older versions don’t have any recovery mode, you’ll have to use the old traditional discs that came with the Mac to reinstall the macOS.
  • macOS Sierra or earlier, doesn’t have different Recovery Options that are currently supported on the latest macOS.
  • Sometimes Mac won’t boot in recovery or safe mode cause of Faulty Keyboard.
  • The recovery partition is corrupt, it could happen while replacing the hard drive or installing the Windows via boot camp.
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What to do when a Mac won’t boot to Safe Mode:- Follow these steps

Solution 1: Use Wired Keyboard

Nowadays major people use the Wireless Keyboard with the Mac, and wireless keyboard pairs and connect to the Mac over the Bluetooth connection, which might be causing trouble and your Command+R combination not working. If you’re using the Command+R in recovery or boot mode to fix the macOS issues, it might be possible during the process, it disconnects, or whatever. Try connecting Wired Keyboard and use the Command+R.

  1. Disconnect the wireless keyboard from the Mac.
  2. Restart the Mac.
  3. And then connect the wired keyboard.

Solution 2: Reset NVRAM (Mac Safe Mode not working)

Note: M1 Silicon Mac Users can skip this step.

Resetting NVRAM will help you reset the hardware parts of the Mac, including the Keyboard, Sound, and more to resolve the corrupt programs.

  1. Quit all the running applications on the Mac.
  2. Navigate to the Finder > Utilities > Terminal.
  3. Type the following code,
    • sudo NVRAM –c and hit Return.
  4. You’ll be asked to enter the administrator password for confirmation.
  5. Enter sudo shutdown –r now and again press the Enter button.
  6. Wait until the Mac reboots.

Make Sure you’re using the Correct Combination of Command+R

This type of issue normally happens, when the user is not following the true pattern of pressing the keys. Apparently, after pressing the Power button you’ve to hold the Command+R button to bring the macOS Recovery options on the screen.

  • Restart your Mac, Now, Quickly Press and Hold Command + R key as your Mac goes Black screen and Going to turn on Again. Don’t Release Keys until you see macOS Recovery Window screen, after the apple logo with a loading bar. [Slower mac is taking 1 or 2 minutes or more..]
Recovery mode Mac Keyboard Shortcut
Recovery mode Mac Keyboard Shortcut

Apple has the different key combinations to enter Mac into Recovery Mode.

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Internet Recovery is an Alternate Option

If you are using Command + R [Recovery mode] for Reinstall New MacOS or Erase MacOS From the Drive, then Internet recovery is an alternate option.

Note: Internet Recovery Reinstall new Copy of Latest macOS On your Mac system from the internet. So this process erases your Mac Drive completely, So, Take Time machine Backup from Mac, Which is restorable later on.

Try Internet Recovery Mode: Press and hold the Option/Alt + Command + R. [See below Keyboard Keys]

Internet Recovery Mac Shortcut Key for Apple Keyboard
Internet Recovery Mac Shortcut Key for Apple Keyboard

From this mode, you’ll get easy access to the Apple Servers to download the latest macOS available for your system.

To Install the macOS that came with your MacBook out of the box, press the Shift + Option/Alt + Command + R.

And for the T2 Chip Mac, Option/Alt + Command + R, this combination will install the latest macOS available for your system.

Mac Recovery Mode Not Working

If Mac’s disk isn’t responding or damaged, then key combinations like Command+R, or Option/Alt+Command+R won’t work, as it won’t respond.

Perhaps you should try Internet Recovery Mode by trying the above combination, this process might take longer depending on your internet speed.

What? if Intenet Recovery showing error and stopped..

Internet Recovery Not Helpful: Install New MacOS Using Bootable USB Drive

Apple Server rejecting your macOS Recovery request and are you getting errors on Internet recovery? with code 3001F, 3008F, 2106F, 1006F, 1007F, or “Internet Connection Required Error”.

Make Bootable USB Drive on another Mac as a guide on my Tutorial on how to Make Bootable USB Drive for Install Latest macOS.

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Need 16 GB to 32 GB USB Drive,

Reinstall macOS In another way,

  1. Go to this page on another Mac, Download macOS Big Sur > View In Mac App Store. Only Download the macOS Copy by click on “Get” button. Then, Close the Setup if you ask after the download is complete. or Check For Other MacOS, Create macOS Ventura Bootable Drive or Create macOS Monterey Bootable Drive.
  2. Plugin the USB Drive on Mac, and Run the below command in Terminal to Make the Bootable drive process.
  3. Make Sure your Drive name Must be UNTILTED to run the below command successfully, otherwise modify the below comment with your USB Drive name.

sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Big\ –volume /Volumes/UNTILTED

Hit the Return button to Run command successfully, and Wait for the process to complete. Once your MacOS Bootable drive is ready, Start the installation on an old mac,

Move to an older mac, Plug the USB Drive on Mac and Restart your Mac then Press and Hold on the Option key to Detect bootable drive while your Mac is turning on.

On your Mac screen, you will see your USB Bootable Drive, click on it and start the installation process. Select the Startup disk and start the installation of the new macOS.

Get more: How to Clean Install MacOS on Mac, MacBook.

Startup Disk Not Showing on Mac

Startup Disk not showing on Mac while installing new MacOS or Recovery mode, that means your Mac has a problem with internal Primary drive. Is there a problem with Hardware issues, You have to diagnose the Internal hard drive or Cable. So, Book Appointment at the apple genius bar or Get help from the apple official desk.

Also Read Most Common MacOS Utility Problems.

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