Fix MacBook Overheating after Update macOS Ventura in 2023

1 Macbook Overheating after update and old

We have a solution for you! Read the full tutorial until the end. Not only MacBooks face overheating issues there are other laptops too currently facing this dilemma. For you, There are many situations in which MacBook gets overheated such as “MacBook overheating while charging,” mac from overheating when playing games “MacBook when closed,” “MacBook overheating after updating” to macOS Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur, mac Mojave and more.

All these various reasons have a few solutions that are listed below. If you avoid this issue, then there are tremendous possibilities like some parts of MacBook Air will damage or it may create a fault in ICs. So if you are the one who has overheating issues in MacBook then prefer the following troubleshoot and fix “MacBook Overheating macOS 13

What happened to me last time? I would like to use my MacBook for designing purposes, at that time I am working with Safari, Pages, Number, and iMovie. Suddenly I get a loud fan sound and Got too much heat on the above keyboard near to fold section. I check iMovie sporting my project and the Processor got too much heat in just a few minutes, I close iMovie, and everything is fine. And make my MacBook regular once again, See what I do to fix the MacBook Overheating problem all Time. You should pick the best cooling pads for the Apple MacBook laptop.

Hardware guide: Why MacBook Overheating on Use Backup, Safari, Play Game, iMovie and more

Pro Tip: Did you updated the Mac recently? About a day ago? Are you constantly using the MacBook, Mac after the update? To be honest, the new updates need some time to settle and match up with the hardware, and while that process runs, the MacBook, Mac overheats to some extent. All of these processes run in the background, to let you continue working on the machine. What I’m saying is keep the Mac and MacBook Signed In and Power On for a day without turning it off, and you’ll see quite an improvement and most probably the overheating issue will automatically resolve. Else, start with Fix 1.

MacBook fans become noisy after updating to Ventura Beta or Monterey

After Update MacOS, your Mac reindexes the finder files and folders for a smooth user experience. Also, the Installed app automatically updates in the background. That’s the reason your Mac’s Processor becomes heated, at that Point Your Mac’s Fan Kick on at full speed to help your Mac cool down again. During this time, Leave alone your MacBook for an hour to set up itself.

Fix 1: Reset SMC on Mac

Skip this Solution, Don’t help for M1, M2 Mac User

Mostly this problem happens with Old MacBook models, MacBook Air Mid 2011, Mid 2013, Early 2015, Mid 2017, and MacBook Pro Later 2016 – 13 inch with touch bar, MacBook Pro Mid 2017, MacBook Pro Mid 2017.

System Management Controller (SMC) plays an essential role in controlling the MacBook. Somehow it is possible that after resetting SMC MacBook overheating gets fixed.

  • #1: From the “Apple” menu shut down the MacBook Pro.
  • #2: Once the MacBook turns off then press Power button and Shift+Option (Alt)+Control keys together for 5 seconds until you see power light gets to red from green. At that, you will also hear the startup chime.
  • #3: Now, turn on the MacBook and observe whether it is overheating or not.

Get more Tests with this: Video Tutorial.

Fix 2: Run MacBook Hardware Test

This feature will tell you how the MacBook’s hardware is performing. If any of the equipment is misbehaving, then you will see the error. So if in case the MacBook Air’s fans are stopped working or running slow then you will get to know by running hardware test on MacBook.

  • Step #1: Disconnect all the Peripherals and turn off the MacBook.
  • Step #2: Next, turn on the MacBook and press “D key” from the keyboard.
  • Step #3: You will see the “Apple Diagnostic tool” or “Apple Hardware tool” on the screen.
  • Step #4: Now, your MacBook is underdiagnosed, and you will get results soon on the same screen.
  • Step #5: There you will get some error code which will be helpful for you to fix MacBook overheating after updating to macOS.

Fix 4: Remove Large Apps Which are Eating High Resources

Force Close USB port process from Activity Monitor on Mac
Force Close App on Mac

If your MacBook is overheating for no reason, then it might be possible that big apps are creating load on the processors and so MacBook is overheating in macOS. So we will see the applications, and after analyzing, we will also remove those applications. That’s is the big reason Apple recently launched a new MacBook Pro 2018 in 32 GB RAM and a High configuration processor.

  • Step #1: Launch “Finder” and open the “Applications” folder.
  • Step #2: Now, open the “Utilities” folder.
  • Step #3: Locate and click on the “Activity Monitor” and start observing the applications.

When you force stop the applications from Activity Monitor, there are chances that after some time it will cause the same overheating issues in MacBook Pro. So it is advisable to remove the applications that are no longer needed or else re-install it.

No, Any Problems found, Also perform a clean install on Mac.

Fix 5: Force Quite apps

Some programs are set into autostart all the time when you turn on Mac OS. Remove startup programs and give important hardware resources to a quick start and enjoy your MacBook in a new mood.

  1. Go to the Apple Logo > System Preferences in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Find “Users & Group,” Next select user if your Mac is running on multiple accounts.
  3. Next, Check the Login items section, if any program in the list as a startup program. Pls, remove using the (-) button.

That’s it.

Fix 6: Use Energy Saver Settings

The Energy saver mode will stop the applications which are not necessary. This how the applications will not run in the background unless you open it and a lot of memory and processor will be saved. Hence MacBook overheating and freezing will be fixed.

  1. Click on the “Apple” menu and then open “System Preferences.
  2. Next, click on the “Energy Saver.
  3. Check the box near “Automatic graphics switching.”

Fix 7: Clean the Fan

Is your MacBook is old? Haven’t you cleaned it yet? Now, it’s time to clean it. When you will open the Back of the MacBook and see the dust surrounds the parts of MacBook, you will be shocked. So it might be a reason why your MacBook is overheating for no reason after updating. The fans are running slow due to dust, and there are many more causes behind this. Clean the fans as soon as possible.

You are well known all about the internal hardware part; then I remind you here to clean up all the dust from inside. Or you can ask your friends, might be anyone can help you.

Fix 8: Purchase Stand or Cooling pad for MacBook Pro/ Air

Putting the MacBook on the stand will make a huge gap between the surface and the MacBook. So air circulation will be proper, and your overheating problem could be fixed easily. Dozens of stands are available in the market for every model like MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and more.

You can get here varieties of best Cooling pads for MacBook Pro and (Macbook Air) MBA. and Check our list: Best Stands for MacBook.

Fix 9: Remove Malware

We don’t get to know if the Malware or Virus attack our MacBook because these harmful elements get introduced while we are surfing or downloading some file from the internet. They damage our system by hiding in some corner. To fix this, get a reliable anti-virus for your MacBook and clean your MacBook instantly. you have to know about, How to Find Virus on Mac and remove it.

Mac overheating macOS Ventura Beta – wait for next update or go back to Monterey

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