Free Best PDF Printers for Mac in 2024 (M1 & M2 Mac Supported)

Check out the Best PDF Printers for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, and Mac Mini in 2022 to get your work done real quick.

There are several mac users having questions on how to get printed PDF files quickly. However, if you opt for a particular software that is capable of printing PDF docs, then it is not a very difficult task for you. Without taking the help of such software can result in misprint and waste of pages and ink too. Get here experts’ collection of Free Best PDF Printers for Mac with the step on how to use a particular App without additional setup settings.

PDF Printer is exclusively designed to adjust and arrange the pages in the mac and then give print sequentially. Here I am suggesting top-rated PDF printers which can be very helpful to you. Do you know how Print Screen on Mac? With Supported MacOS, MacOS Ventura, MacOS Monterey and Earlier.

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Essential Best PDF Printers for Mac – MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac

#1. PDFelement 7

PDFelement is a well-equipped printing solution for mac. Automatically it will adjust the size of a page on your mac, and your printing job will become more efficient and productive by saving time. Edit PDF, Convert PDF, annotate PDF, protect PDF, Create PDF, and much more you can perform on a simple PDF file.

Now let’s see how we can print PDF files:

  • Step 1: Open and Print. 
  • First off, open the file which you want to print and then press command+P or tap on File Print, to reproduce. 
  • Step 2: Set printing options. 
  • After the first step, an option window will arise in which you can manage everything. On the print, window click on PDF and select Save as PDF from the menu. Re-locate the file and give a specific name to it.  
  • Download it from here ⇒ (

#2. Adobe Acrobat: PDF Printers for Mac

Adobe Acrobat is designed to read and write PDF files. Once you download Acrobat on mac and when you click on any PDF file it will automatically get open in Acrobat software.

Even when you print any non-PDF file from Adobe Acrobat, it gets converted into PDF and then printed. Check out how to achieve it.

  • Step 1: Select File>Print.
  • Step 2: When printer pop-up arises select Adobe Acrobat on mac.
  • Step 3: Now tap on Save as Adobe PDF.
  • Step 4: After clicking on it, now give a name to the file and select a file location and save it. 
  • Download it from here

#3. Mac Built-in PDF Printer

Unless if you don’t want to install third-party software on your mac, then you can go for a built-in PDF feature. The whole process is straightforwardly matched to other software; you can easily export any file in PDF format and print from mac print. Get a detailed guide on the edit PDF file on Mac Using macOS Preview App [Add Symbol, Arrow, Signature]. 

  • Step 1: Open the file which you like to print in PDF format, Right Click on PDF file > Open with Preview app. 
  • Step 2: Tap on File Menu and choose Print or press command+P directly.  
  • Step 3: On the dialog box click on PDF and then Save as PDF to complete the process.
  • No Download ⇒ (Use Mac Preview App)

#4. PDF Writer: PDF Printers for Mac

PDF Writer is free of cost and lets the user convert any file in PDF format by just giving print. It works on internal PDF software of mac for processing, does not have ghostsc_x_ript. By selecting a particular file, you have to choose the PDF format and give it a print. It has a special feature through which you can merge a few images and create a PDF file. 

#5. iPubsoft PDF Creator

iPunsoft is a software which can convert text files, image files or any other files in PDF format. It supports image files such as .tif, .ico, .ani, .bmp and much more. It has a lot more functions that help to create a better PDF without degrading the property of image or text. Merge multiple files into one and then print it directly. It has only one limitation that it cannot encrypt PDF documents. 

#6. CutePDF: PDF Printers for Mac

The CutePDF works on the advanced virtual printer to support all the applications. The name CutePDF is straightforward to remember and has a simple interface that makes it easy to use even for beginners. Only you have to install PS2PDF to print PDF which helps to maintain the quality of printing, and it completes the process. Only give Print and save the file in PDF format anywhere you want. There are two versions available one is free and the other is paid, as per your need select among them. To encrypt PDF files, you will need to purchase the premium version of it.

#7. Bullzip PDF Printer – Windows Only

The Bullzip has a special ability to ensure a better quality of output after converting the file to PDF format. The package contains a lot more features which you get purchasing the premium version of any other software. You can protect your files by password, encrypt PDF files, merge various files, and also you can add a watermark.

The software is well advanced that it can translate a language that can be done with it. Though, if you are not an expert in operating such software, you can efficiently manage this one. In case you want to print on Bullzip select Bullzip printer driver and select PDF and save it.

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