Fix Numbers Quit Unexpectedly on Mac (Sonoma, Ventura)

In this article, learn how to open Numbers of Mac or MacBook, If you are showing Error "Numbers Quit Unexpectedly", Closing & Won't Open.

here is the article on how to get the fix and start working on Old or new Numbers document on Mac if you are getting error like “Numbers Quite unexpectedly” or “Freeze Number document on launch”. Most probably this trouble gets after macOS Update or Outdated Numbers. Sometimes corrupted file system that you won’t know the actual problem. so here you have to follow the all steps sequentially to identify the real problem, where is the problem? and how to fix it if it is possible?

This essential solution is also helpful for other iWork document types that give the problem on Quite, Crashing, Freezes, and Won’t open.

Solutions to Fix Numbers Quit Unexpectedly itself and Won’t Open

1. Delete Numbers Plist file and Re-Open Numbers

Apple Developed the standard file system, P-List file on mac perform basic rules before your start or open the program on Mac. Because the Property list file stores the program settings saved by users.

Mismatched or Unsynchronized P-List file on Mac System, Creating a problem in most of the cases, deleting this file will not harm too much, but it’s beneficial to fix an error like this. here’s how to find the Numbers Plist file and Delete it.

Open the Finder on Mac > From Top Mac Menu Go > Go to Folder..

Go to Finder on Mac
Go to Finder on Mac

Now, Enter the below Folder path, to Find Numbers Plist file, and click on the Go button.


  • Find and Delete: plist
Delete Numbers iWork Plist file from Mac Preferences
Delete Numbers iWork Plist file from Mac Preferences


Delete Caches files and Folders from Mac
Delete Caches files and Folders from Mac
  • Delete All Caches file from Folder

maybe removing the files from user /library/caches and preferences could help you

Then, Also Delete from Trash. and Re-Open Numbers. Check is it fixed, if not then follow the next step.

2. Find out Where is the Problem? With Mac or Document

Most of the time Corrupted documents won’t open on any software. so if you have another number file then open it and check the problem is in the file. if the other files are opening on the same macOS system, then you have to check on online iWork for apple cloud that supports all iWork files. might be the document is created in an older version of the Numbers app. Open > Upload Numbers document to iCloud > and open it online.

Upload Number on iWork or Create a new Number doc on Mac
Upload Number on iWork or Create a new Number doc on Mac

This is the quickest solution and tips to open Numbers that won’t open because of closing automatically.

3. Refresh Mac File system and Software

we can do it by simply force quite an app from the system, Open Finder > Go to the apple logo from the top Mac Menu > Force Quite > Select Numbers > Force Quit.

Force Quit Numbers from Mac
Force Quit Numbers from Mac

Then also turn off the mac computer and turn it on again. to do that, Go to the Apple logo > Restart.

some people found this solution is helpful if no big problem with their system. Force Quit app & Re-Launch and Restart your Mac.

4. is your Numbers & MacOS Updated?

suddenly you are getting problems with selected app-like numbers. and specifically after macOS Update, then you should also check the pending software update for the app that causing trouble to open the new MacOS Update. Go through the below steps,

Check MacOS update: Go to the apple logo from top Mac menu > System Preferences > Software Update > Download and install pending updates.
Number Update: Open App store > Search Numbers > Download pending Update.

Update or Reinstall Numbers on Mac
Update or Reinstall Numbers on Mac

Once you install any pending update, you have to force close the app and retest the issue is fixed or not?

5. Delete and Reinstall Numbers on Mac

This solution is marked helpful by many readers. here you have to delete the Numbers app from Mac and Redownload it from the Mac App Store. to do it follow the steps,

Go to the Finder > Click on Applications from sidebar > Find Numbers and Right-click on it and select “Move to Bin”.
Next, Your Mac will ask you to enter your Mac login password, enter and Delete the app from Mac.

Delete or Uninstall Numbers from Mac or Macbook
Delete or Uninstall Numbers from Mac or Macbook

To Install Number,
Open App Store > Search Numbers > And Click on Cloud icon to download and install on Mac.

Update or Reinstall Numbers on Mac
Update or Reinstall Numbers on Mac

Open your document and check it’s helpful.

6. Use iWork for Apple: Online File Support

as I discussed earlier, the unsupported File version might be creating a problem like this, as we know, is available and accessible on all devices.

1. Just open and log in with Apple ID, Password.
2. Click on Numbers, Then Upload the Number file from cloud icon with the upper arrow icon showing at the top.

Upload Number on iWork or Create a new Number doc on Mac
Upload Number on iWork or Create a new Number doc on Mac

3. Once, you uploaded the file, open it on the browser whenever you see or access it.
4. That’s it. if you wish to make a new number document, then click on the plus icon and start your work.

7. Try in another User Account login or Change Mac

is your mac has multiple user accounts? if you are an admin then you can create a new account with an administrator role or Restricted users roll. to create an account,

Go to the Apple logo from the top Mac menu > System Preferences > Users & Groups > Remove lock, Click on the plus sign to add a new account with the user’s role. once you create a new account. Go to this account and log in.

Add new user login
Add new user login

Now, Download and install the Numbers app from the app store, and Open Number Document to test.

8. Use Safe mode on Mac

Check Number app in safe mode, Because Safe mode on Mac determines the issue with the Startup program installed on Mac. Normally, Safe mode will take some time behind the scanning process like this and fix automatically.

  1. Enter into safe mode process is different on Intel or M1 Apple Silicon mac.
  2. Open the Number app and check the issue is fixed or not
  3. Exit your Mac from Safe mode, By Restarting your Mac.

if you do have not time to create a count then check, then Try on another Mac that you have or Borrow from your Friends to check it.

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