How to Fix Outlook Notifications Not Working on Mac

Let’s face it; nobody likes to miss the notification of their actual application. It can be a meeting, an important task, or an email you were supposed to notify on time but did not receive. If you use Outlook on your Mac, you must rely on the notifications to keep yourself updated with the work.

The worst thing is that you might get to know after you have missed some notifications. But you do not need to worry because you can quickly resolve this issue on your own with the help of this blog.

What Is Outlook And Why It Is Important?

Microsoft Outlook is an email program where you can send, receive and organize emails. In addition to emails, you can schedule meetings via Outlook Calander, even with external parties. Outlook also works will Microsoft 365 programs.

It is a personal information organizer which allows you to keep your email and calendar in one place. It also integrates with other Microsoft stuff such as MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The software was first released in 1987 by Microsoft for the PC platform.

In 2002, it was ported to the Mac OS X operating system by Apple Inc. and later to Windows Mobile devices in 2004.

Outlook has been updated many times since its release; some updates have included new features, while others have fixed bugs or security issues within the program’s code base. 

The new Outlook is more than just email. It helps you automatically organize your inbox and help you focus on the email that matters the most. You also get a robust calendar to manage your day.

Shared calendar and scheduling assistance ensure that you are in sync with your team and help you find leading time so that you can work for everyone.

You can turn your meeting into an online Teams meeting or a Skype business call with a single click. Instead of sending files on email attachments, you can share them on the cloud so that everyone can work together on the same document.

Using the Outlook Mobile app, you can assist with your tasks even when you are out of the office.

Why Is Outlook Notification Not Working On Your Mac? 

So far, we have understood what Outlook is and its importance. Outlook is also responsible for bringing in the notifications on your Mac, so any missed information can result in great trouble.

There cannot be a single reason why Outlook notification is not showing on your Mac; chances are that there is some issue with the application or with your Mac only. Check whether the notification of the Outlook app is enabled or not.

Most of the notification problems are associated with updates to the Mac system. You might face this problem if you have recently updated your Mac. Sometimes just a restart may work, or you need to find another solution. 

How To Fix Outlook Notification Not Working On Mac?

Here comes the most critical part of the blog for which you are here. There are multiple fixes to the Outlook notification not working on Mac. We will discuss some of them; you need to try them and see what works for you. 

Try Enabling And Disabling Notifications: This is the easiest and quickest thing you can do to fix notification errors. First, check the notification settings of your Outlook App. First, disable and then re-enable it. 

Follow these simples steps:

Step 1:  Under the settings section, go to System and Preferences.

Step 2:  Look for Notification, and click on that.

Step 3: Under that section, look for email and open it by clicking.

Step 4: On the upper side, you will get an allow notification option; toggle on it.

Step 5: On the bottom side, you will also find these three options, which you need to mark.

  • First is: Show notifications on the lock screen
  • The second is: Show in Notification Center
  • And the third and final one is the Badge app icon.

Step 6: Finally, save all the settings and check the results.

If even after this setting changes, it is affecting the outlook application, then follow the same process. This time, under the notification section, click on Outlook and follow the same steps. 

Check For DND 

There can be chances that you have enabled Do Not Disturb on your Mac which might have blocked all the notifications.

You quickly check it and turn it off by following these steps:

Step 1: Go to Apple Logo on the Menu bar; choose System Preferences Or System Settings (for macOS 13 Ventura & up version).

Step 2: Then select Notification and Focus. Or Notifications for macOS 13 or up users.

Step 3: Check for the Do Not Disturb section and turn it off.

After switching it off, wait 30 seconds, and check if there is any improvement.

Outlook is a widely used application for multiple purposes, and you may get many notifications daily; in that case, you cannot afford to miss any notification. I hope this blog helped you to fix the notification error on your Mac, and now you are working effectively.

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