How To Download Outlook for Mac Computer 2023 (2 Easy Ways)

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There are many features like Sharing Calendar, Scheduling Task, Contacts, and many more that make you choose Microsoft Outlook over Apple Mail. Considering this, it’s time to learn how to download Outlook on a Mac computer.

However, there are various ways to download Outlook on the Mac, at the same point it’s a completely subscription-based model that you need to choose after the completion of downloading procedure. In this article we have mentioned both ways to download it; so go for any of them as per your comfort and flexibility. 

Easy Steps To Download Outlook On Mac

Using Outlook offers a handy way to remain organized in both the office and home. As it comes with Microsoft 365 together – with handy access to the Calendar Events, Emails, Files, and at the same point sync the contact across all the accounts speedily; ultimately results in quick tasks.

Method 1: Download Outlook Using App Store On Mac

The first and most easy way to download Outlook on a Mac is through the App Store. It is simple to perform, there is no need for any extra information; to carry on the task follow the given below steps.

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Step 1 → Choose the App Store. Search for Outlook in the Search Bar present in the left side panel.


Step 2 → After that, select the Install or Open option present next to the Outlook. Hereafter you have to enter the Administrator Name & Password.

After completion of downloading procedure, now will need an Outlook ID to activate the Outlook ( In case, if you don’t have the Outlook ID, Create Apple ID

Step 3 → Now Sign-In into Outlook. To use Outlook, you must have a Microsoft account. []

After the completion of the procedure make a payment to subscribe to Microsoft Office 365 via apple. Well, there will be various ways to make a valid payment, so select according to your comfort and availability.

Download Outlook From Microsoft Official Website

If you tried an in-app purchase procedure to download Microsoft Outlook and still want to learn an alternate method, continue reading the article as we have mentioned an effective solution to do so. 

Step 1 → Navigate to the Browser, head to the

Step 2 → If you haven’t signed in, choose Sign-In. Now Sign-In with the account you have linked up with a particular version of Office. This account could either be a School, Work Account, or Microsoft Account. After signing in, follow the steps accordingly.

You Signed With Microsoft Account:- From the Office Main Page, choose Install to begin downloading.

You Signed In With Work Or School Account:– Right from Microsoft 365, choose Install Office > Office 365 App to start downloading the procedure.

Step 3 → Now simply follow the on-screen instruction, to finish up downloading procedure.

Step 4 → After finishing downloading, head to the Finder > Download > Double-Click on Microsoft Office Installer. pkg. 

Tip: If you encounter the error that features Microsoft Office installer. pkg can’t be downloaded it happens because it through an unidentified developer, in this case, hold for 10 seconds and copy-paste the downloaded folder or file to the desktop. Press Control + Click to start the installer.

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Step 5 → From the initial installation window, choose Continue to start the procedure.

Step 6 → Go through the License Agreement, then choose Continue > Agree.

Step 7 → Select the desired way to install the office and hit on Continue. Now review the requirement of disk or else customize the installation location > Install

Note: Some users only want a specific app to download, in this case, choose Customize and uncheck the box present next to the program that don’t want to install.

Step 8 → On the screen, you will be asked to enter the Username & Password (Use the password that you use to log in to your Mac) > Install Software > After the completion of downloading procedure, choose Finish.

This is how you easily install the desktop Microsoft Outlook App on the Mac computer.

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Here we end up with some simple steps to download the Microsoft Outlook application on your Mac computer. However, you must ignore any other ways as there are chances that you might give a way to bugs and glitches on your Mac.

Download Old Outlook for Mac

Uninstall the latest version of Outlook from Mac, Then download and install Outlook 2016 Setup to your Mac and install on your Mac. See the download link for outlook 2016.

Download Outlook 2016 for Mac


1. Can I Download Outlook On My Mac?

Yes, you can download Outlook and there are two ways to do so, either from the App Store or else from the official Microsoft Website. If you want to know detailed procedure, go through the above-mentioned guide, as we have crafter complete guide of it.

2. How Do I Find Outlook On My Mac And MacBook?

You can find Outlook, using the spotlight search on both Mac and MacBook, no matter whatever the macOS version.

3. How Do I Download the Outlook App?

To download the desktop version of Outlook on the Mac, you have to install it from the App Store. Go through the above article, as we have made a complete guide on it.

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4. How Do I Use Outlook For Free On Mac?

Unfortunately, Outlook doesn’t offer a free version on Mac. This means you will not be allowed to download Outlook On Mac until and unless you try out the 30-Days Free Trial of it. 

5. Can I use Outlook without Office 365?

Yes, we can only use Microsoft Outlook without Office 365. But you have to pay for the full bundle [including Microsoft Word, Excel, Power point]. If you don’t want to go with Microsoft 365; no need to worry, you can still access some applications such as Outlook, Calendar, PowerPoint, and many more.

6. How Do I Just Download Outlook?

Navigate to the App Store > Outlook > Install Or Open alternatively you can do so using the browser as mentioned above.

7. Can I Download Outlook For Free?

In this case, there are two possibilities either you can go for 30-Days Free Trail and 100% free browser versions that include lesser feature and ads

8. How Do I Open Outlook?

Go to Outlook > Write down Email ID & Password > Add Account > Done, that’s how simple it is!

9. Is There An Outlook Desktop App?

As we all know Outlook Email Service app is available for both Android/iPhone & iPad. And for more flexibility and ease to use the Outlook app available on the Mac too.

10. How do I reinstall Microsoft Outlook on my Mac?

After the completion of the downloading procedure, navigate to the Finder > Download and then double-tap on the Microsoft Officer Installer .pfg file. From the initial installation screen, choose Installation and begin the process. Go through your software licenses and choose Continue.

11. Why My Microsoft Outlook Cannot Open?

There are several causes of Microsoft Outlook not opening, but the most probable one is Software Related Bugs, Outdated Version Of Software. You can still fix it by booting up the device to Safe Mode.

12. How do I Uninstall Outlook app on Mac?

Navigate to the Finder, choose Applications. + click to choose all of the Microsoft 365 for Mac applications. Ctrl+click an application you selected and select Move to Trash.

13. Can You Just Buy Outlook By Itself?

No, you can’t buy only Outlook. You have to subscribe to Microsoft Office 365.

14. How Do I Download Just Outlook?

You can download only Outlook through and App Store and Browser. If you are not familiar with it, follow this article.

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