Fix Pictures folder not showing in finder sidebar on Mac

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Where is the pictures folder on mac 2023? Is your pictures folder not showing in finder sidebar? Here I’m taking a picture folder as an example, but you can learn here how to add a new folder to favorites in finder. The Pictures folder in the Favourites section of the sidebar in the Mac finder tool makes it easy to access all pictures stacked on your Mac computer. Once users access photos from a pictures folder of the Finder sidebar, then they don’t use other methods to launch the pictures folder. Hence, here I will help you to bring back the pictures folder on your Mac. 

Reason to Pictures folder missing on Mac

  • Unknowingly, Picture Folder removed buddy you
  • Software bug
  • Picture Folder corrupted, so removed by the system.

Tips to Fix Pictures folder not showing in Finder

Quickly get to your Pictures folder in macOS Finder. Just follow the steps given below step-buddy step.

How to Add Pictures Folder on Mac Finder Sidebar

Step #1. Launch Finder on your Mac 

Step #2. Go to Finder Settings or Preferences.. on the top menubar


Step #3. On Finder Panel, choose Sidebar

Step #4. Inside the box of the show these items in the sidebar

Step #5. The checkmark next to the Pictures box.


So now the finder sidebar is ready, along with the pictures folder. 

Now check your

Let’s remove the pictures folder from the finder sidebar and then restart your computer and again add the pictures folder in the finder sidebar. This may be found helpful.

How to Remove Pictures Folder on Mac Finder Sidebar

Step #1. Open up Finder on your Mac 

Step #2. Jump to the Finder Preferences.. located on the top menubar

Step #3. Now click On Finder section and choose the Sidebar tab

Step #4. Inside the box of the show these items in the sidebar

Step #5. Do Uncheck next to the Pictures box.


So now the finder sidebar is ready, along with the pictures folder.

That’s it.

An alternative solution to fix the picture folder disappeared on your Mac computer finder sidebar. Try to run your Mac into Safe Mode; the second thing is to keep your macOS up to date for that install the latest macOS firmware. In last, Clean install macOS will resolve your Mac picture folder missing problems.

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