How to Take screenshots on mac running macOS Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Taking screenshots was quite typical before Apple launched Mojave and its unbelievable features. In macOS Mojave, you will get simplified tools to take screenshots, record video, edit screenshots and more. No need to download third party applications to do such editing and recording, now it is available in Mojave. Let’s see Mac shortcuts screenshot for Mojave.

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Let’s check out how to take screenshots in macOS Mojave and also how to record screen your Mac Screen on Mojave and much more.

How to Take screenshots in macOS Mojave

Step 1: To bring screenshot toolkit press “Command+Shift+5”.

Step 2: Now mac will ask you to choose from three options: “Capture Entire Screen”, “Capture Selected Portion”, and “Capture Selected Windows”. So you have to decide what type of screenshot you want to take.

Step 3: When you choose “Capture Entire Screen” screenshot will be taken immediately.

Step 4: If you go for “Capture Selected Portion or Capture Selected Window” then time will be allotted to select portion and after selection of portion the screenshot will be captured instantly.

Step 5: Now use control-click, two-finger-click or right-click when you see screenshot on the bottom of the screen.

Step 6: To save the screenshot on the desired location you will need the help of “contextual menu”.

How to edit screenshot in macOS Mojave

Step 1: After taking screenshots right-click, control-click or two-finger-click on the taken screenshots to start editing.

Step 2: Tap “Markup”.

Step 3: Now, to draw or write, insert texts, rotate, insert signature use toolbar which is located on the top of the window.

Step 4: When you are done tap “Save”.

How to show mouse cursor in screenshots in macOS Mojave

Step 1: Click “Command+Shift+5” to open toolbar.

Step 2: Tap “Options”.

Step 3: Now, Click on “Show Mouse Cursor”.

How to select save location for screenshots in macOS Mojave

choose or select save location for screenshots in macOS Mojave

Step 1: Tap “Command+Shift+5” together to raise screenshot toolbar.

Step 2: Tap “Options”.

Step 3: There you will be given options such as Desktop, Messages, Preview, Clipboard, Documents or Mail. Select any one of them to save screenshots.

How to set timers for screenshots on macOS Mojave

Step 1: Just like before press “Command+Shift+5” to the awake toolbar.

Step 2: Click “Options”.

Step 3: Tap “Timer” and select None or 10 seconds or 5 seconds and set the timer.

It’s Very Easy.

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