Five Fixes iPhone XS Max Apps Crashing Issues Launch Time or Crashes Randomly

Five solutions to fix App crashing or crashes on iPhone XS Max on startup or middle of the use randomly

We heard a lot of time from our readers that ask us how I can fix new iPhone XS Max Apps crashing randomly or sometime after iOS update. They almost facing app crashing issues unlike Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc. if you are one of the guys, don’t worry, to quickly resolve App crashes problems then you should follow our following listed troubleshooting.

Don’t move anywhere please go step by step and find your success answer. I hope you get right solution that you put in the comments!

We know App crashing mostly at launch time, Sometimes the middle of the App using.

  • Update [Reported on 7th May ’20 Problem]: Spotify, TikTok, and Other Popular iOS Apps Where crashing due to a FaceBook App issue, I recommend Delete the app from iPhone, and Wait for the next update come through with this bug fix. [Touch and Hold on App icon > Edit Home screen > Tap on [⊗] appear on FaceBook App icon > Delete From popup [Restart your iPhone, iPad] and Check it Fixed or not.

Five Fixes iPhone XS Max Apps Crashing issues launch time or Crash Randomly

Five solutions to fix App crashing or crashes on iPhone XS Max on startup or middle of the use randomly

Fix #1. Reboot the Device

Reboot your iPhone XS Max:
Press and quickly release volume up button
Press and immediately release volume down button
Press and hold side button till you appear Apple logo and black screen.
Now turn iPhone XS Max On press and hold side button. Many of the solutions to resolve Apps crashes listed underneath.

Fix #2. Quit and re-launch the App on iPhone XS Max

Let’s see how force quit the app with an example: in case of Snapchat App crashing on your iPhone XS Max then open a multitasking screen as this way first put your finger on the bottom of the screen up it till the middle of the screen so appears all open apps. Now choose Snapchat app card and move it up away. That’s it!

Fix #3. Update the App on iPhone XS Max

For instance, here I have taken an example of Whatsapp, So launch the App Store and tap on the Updates tab from the bottom menu bar. Now explore Whatsapp and tap on Update switch next to the Whatsapp app. Wait until it completely updates. After this, you can get a fresh version and Open the App Store and find crashing App then check if any update available, update it, and force close recent open app then launch again.

Fix #4. Delete the App and Re-install It on your iPhone XS Max

Delete crashing App- For example, Facebook crashing randomly or middle of the user then uninstall FB form your iPhone XS Max and re-download again from the App Store.
To delete App – Tap and hold on Facebook app icon and tap on X sign, so you get a popup for Delete, please tap on Delete. Now to re-download go to the Apps Store- Type Facebook in the top search bar – Now download FB again.

Note: Some apps have to be backed up before delete like WhatsApp, text App.
I Hope, this definitely works for you. Get more methods to delete App from iPhone

Fix #5. Update iOS to the latest version

We always recommend to our long-time readers that to use your iPhone Error-free so must download and install the latest iOS version. It doesn’t matter to upgrade via OTA update or using iTunes. But you should do this process from time to time.

Note: Your device must connect to storing the Wi-Fi network.
To update iOS without iTunes- should follow the bottom steps.
Launch Settings App – Open General and Tap Software Update

Fix #6. Random or crashes at launch or in the middle of App using

Sometimes App crashes by a particular action that is attempted within the app. You can also contact specific App developers via email and tell them you’re App crashing issues. They will work on the bug version and will do launch the latest App version.

What trick becomes helpful to let me know in the comments!

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