How to remove app reviews or ratings app in App store given by you

Remove Old App Reviews and Rating

You are not eligible to give reviews on app available on whole app store, but you are the user of app and you had an experience about working features of app, familiar about service and user interface available on it. So apple always appreciate you for share relevant app feedback directly to developer or other iDevice users who are not aware about app. In case you feel bad on wrong reviews then you have an option for Remove app reviews or ratings officially. So, App finder doesn’t interventional about unknown apps in a single app category.

From the Ratings and Reviews on App easy to give good reason for which app you should go for use. And how much app is healthy apart from thousands of apps.Remove app reviews or ratings from iPhone or Mac/ PC

Steps for Manage/ Remove App reviews or Ratings given by you on App store

This way is not for the developer or App owner, Because Apple restricted about change reviews or ratings coming on app by app users. Not app only, Also for Albums, Movies from the iTunes store.

Using iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Step 1: Go to the Setting app in your iDevice.

Step 2: Next, Tap on iTunes & App Store.

Step 3: Then, Tap on View Apple ID from Popup.

Step 4: Enter Valid Password for your Apple ID. Next to the Account Section > Rating and Reviews.Steps for Remove reviews on iPhone setting

Swipe left on given review to delete it. Tap on Red “Remove” button.Slide to remove reviews

Using iTunes on Mac/ PC

Step 1: Launch iTunes on Mac/ PC. Sign in with Apple ID and Password.

Step 2: Go to the Account info option under your Account name will be show up there.From iTunes remove feedback

Step 3: Re-Enter your password for the verification.

Step 4: Move down and Find the “Reviews and Ratings”, Next tap on Manage.

Step 5: Next, Click on remove the reviews. Still will be visible after delete it. It will automatically remove.

Successfully remove, System will take 24 hours.

Now, you’re done. Next you can add another review on the same App, Albums or Movies if you want after Remove app reviews or ratings.

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