How to Change AirDrop Sound effect on iPhone, iPad: iOS 9

Here’s guide to mute or Change AirDrop Sound effect on iPhone, iPad and running All iOS devices. The AirDrop is a local peer to peer file sharing feature in Apple iOS 10 and earlier iOS devices. Airdrop works to transfer files between iOS to iOS as well as iOS to Mac OS and vice versa. While on other Smartphone operating system users are uses Bluetooth to sharing files, media, Ringtone, MP3 between devices. Even though, Airdrop is much faster function than the Bluetooth. Because AirDrop runs through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

On the Control Center located AirDrop is a customized feature, so you can make yourself discoverable and coverable nearby Apple devices likely MacBook, iPhone, iPad, iPod.  AirDrop for Everyone, Contacts Only. If you don’t like default alert tone of AirDrop then following instructions will guide you to change it.

Way to Mute or Change AirDrop Sound effect on iPhone: New Alert Tone

 Change AirDrop Sound effect on iPhone, iPad

Step 1. Go to Settings app from your iPhone Screen.

Step 2. Tap on Sounds appears between Wallpaper & Touch ID & Passcode.reset AirDrop Sound on iOS 9 iOS 10

Step 3. Now scroll down the screen and Touch on AirDrop.

Step 4. On you iPhone screen you can see various sounds effect so choose your desired one.Sounds settings Screen of iPhone 5S

You’re done.

After changed Airdrop sound, you would be heard a new sound effect while you share file, photos, videos or you will be received the item via AirDrop. Even you want to mute Airdrop Sound then Choose None option under the label Alert Tons.

If you ever won’t hear Airdrop or other Alert on iPhone then you must check out under the Sound settings that the Alert torn not Mark None. Above given same steps you can also be applied to change Alert tone for iPhone reminder alerts, Calendar alerts, Facebook Post, Tweet, Sent Mail, iPhone Text tone, New Mail, Sent Mail, New Voicemail etc.

Share your reply in the comments and write us if any issue or require further help about to change Airdrop Sound effect on iPhone. Get daily more tips for iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6S, and earlier iPhone models.


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