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[2020] Best Smartpen for iPhone, iPad: Handwriting to Digital Copy

Now a day smartpen made an easy job to prepare all types of Business notes, Drawings or Graphics design. Also, college or school students create a simple hands-free note on paper just like natural pen or pencil then in a single tap or action convert in your digital copy, Now Smartpen for iPhone, iPad Available, that’s easy to send or share with friends, save in iCloud securely for access it in future or anywhere.

Also, other commendable features listed for all valued Smartpen. Let’s check it and collect your Smartpen what you like in all-time best and improved.

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Reviews: Top Best Smartpen for iPhone, iPad Make a digital copy from paper

Livescribe: Smartpen for iOS device

Smartpen for iPhone And iPadPrecise perfectness on each ideas, Like Hands-free movement on your Paper for Rough diagram or text easy to switch in to computer font. Bluetooth low energy technology between Smartpen and iOS app easily convert copy in to digital format. Built-in microphone automatically record voice it will convert into written copy. Not only work on specific device type or model, Mostly worked and compatible for all iOS or Android version.

In a single buy you will get, Livescribe notebook 238 page, Micro USB cable, Smartpen, One year ever not subscription, Livescribe+ app free for iOS or android.

USA: Get Smartpen Here ($221.99)

UK: Get Smartpen Here (£184.99)

Wacom Bamboo Spark Smartpen for iPhone, iPad

Wacom Bamboo Digital copy makerFrom any paper get digital copy of your note in your Bamboo app installed iPhone/ iPad. Then easy to share or edit when we want through Dropbox or Evernote configuration. Wide range of language support up to 13. This smartpen comes with 9.7 inch sleeve attached papers, Pen holder manage all things at one place and Wacom cloud account.

USA: Buy Wacom Smartpen ($136.21)

UK: Buy Wacom Smartpen (£89.99)

Luidia Equil Smartpen for iOS device

Luidia iPhone, iPad Digital copy makerNot for specific bran or paper types, working on all. Easy to use on all Bluetooth enables devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows or Android). Two corresponding apps for users use, For Sketch or Drawing go for Equil Sketch otherwise Equil Note. After that directly share on Social media or online cloud.

More in the features, Create a new page, Undo/ Redo or Unlock operation.

Depends on storage capacity available in two differ Version, Equil Smartpen or Equil Smartpen 2.

Wacom: Smartpen system for Drawing and Graphics

Hand drawing or note to digital copyPeaceful accessories for Mac/ PC or Laptop. Wired USB or Wireless setup between Drawing Pad and Your Mac/ Laptop. On your finger tap on Pad, Pinch Zoom or Zoom out or Slide.

Compatible for Mac (OS X 10.8.5), PC or Laptop (Windows 7). Not on iPhone/ iPad.

USA: Order Here ($79.85)

UK: Order Here (£49.99)

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Above are the top best most valuable Smartpen for iPhone, iPad available for try. Share your feedback to us on Comment box or also with your Friends on Facebook, Twitter.

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