How to Add and Manage Tags in Notes on Mac and iPhone: Monterey & iOS 16.3

This fall, the Notes App has received remarkably significant upgrades, collaborating across the Apple Ecosystem, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, and iPod. In this article, we’ll be talking about adding and managing Tags in Notes App. With the Tags, organizing, managing, viewing, and accessing the Notes will be even more accessible. For example, anytime you create new notes in a tag group, go with Smart Folders, etc.

You must have used Tags with social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., while uploading videos, photos, reels. In the same way, Tags in the Notes App works on Mac and iPhone.

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How to Add and Manage Tags in Notes App: Mac, iPhone

What are Tags, and why you should use them?

Tags are a string that starts with #; these tags are helpful to categorized and organizing notes in the Notes App. Apparently, Tags are not useful in creating any Notes, but the main goal of Tags is to manage, organize and keep the notes under one category depending upon the Tag you’ve given to the notes.

If you always face difficulties while searching the notes between other notes, then using the Tag, you can search and find the particular notes that you’re looking for.

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How to Add Tags in Notes App on Mac, iPhone?

There is no space or settings to add Tags in the Notes App, either it’s an iPhone or Mac. You can type the notes and add the tag followed by #; the Notes App will consider it as a Tag, no matter where it is written. However, to make Tag appear different when you add #, the string will turn Yellow in a highlighted way.


The process to add Tag in the Notes app is the same for both Mac and iPhone, and the newer update will make it easier for you to search the Notes by using the tag that you’ve added in the Notes.


How to Find Notes using Tags in Notes App in iPhone, Mac?

Whatever Tags you’ve added in the notes will collectively appear in one place, just to make it easier to access for you. The Tags are available in the sidebar in macOS Monterey or later, and while concerning iOS 15, the Tags are located on the navigation page.


Select the Tag which is associated with the Notes you’re looking for; besides, you can select multiple Tags by tapping one by one. we can change Notes Gallery Preview in Tag, Short and Select Notes for share and move.


How to Delete Tags in the Notes App in MacOS Monterey, iOS 15?

Deleting Tags might be a tedious process if you’ve added more tags in Notes because the Tags need to be removed from the notes one by one. Unluckily, there is no way to delete the tags in one go.

So, we can not Delete Tag from the Tags section on Mac and iPhone Notes app. But we can Hide, So No One can get ideas about your Notes,

Here’s we can reorder Notes in the Tag category by “Oldest to Newest”, “Newest to Oldest”, “Title”, “Date Created”, “Date Edited”, and “Default (Date Edited)”.

How to Create a Smart Folder using Tags

Smart Folder accumulates all the Notes which fall under the Tags that you’ve selected, no matter it is stored in any other folder. You don’t need to move the notes, just create a smart folder and while doing so, choose the tags accordingly.


How to create Smart Folders in the Notes app in macOS Monterey

  1. Open the Notes App.
  2. Choose the Tags available in the sidebar; you can choose multiple tags.
  3. Next, right-click on any of the selected tags.
  4. Select Create Smart Folder.
  5. Rename the Smart Folder.

How to Create Smart Folders in the Notes app in iOS 15

  1. Go to the Notes App.
  2. Scroll down to the tags, and select the tags with which you want to create a new Smart Folder.
  3. Once you’re done selecting the tags or multiple tags, tap on three dots in the top-right screen.short-or-create-smart-folder-on-iphone-notes-app
  4. Select Create Smart Folder.
  5. Rename the New Smart Folder.

Tags for Apple Notes app Ideas on Mac and iPhone

Use Broad Categories Tag that covers maximum notes into that. Suppose I make #Finance tag in place of #Bank, #investment, #Stock, #Treding, #cost, #purchase, #sell, #Profite and more.

  1. Use One to three tags in a notes
  2. Don’t use Too much #Tag in Note. Becuase it’s create long list of Tags that hard to find and Browser.
  3. We can’t Edit, Delete or Hide Tag from the list, So, Use it Preciously.

Also, we can add more than one tag to easily find the Note for a specific Tag.

So, I would like to recommend using More than one Tag in a Single note that you want a Group of Notes.

Also, these Tags are synced across all the Apple devices so that’s easy to use.

  1. #Finance
  2. #Study
  3. #Home
  4. #Gaming
  5. #cost
  6. #Profite
  7. #Spent
  8. #Utility
  9. #reminder
  10. #Health
  11. #Ideas

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If you are unable to create a New Note on Mac after the MacOS update. Thanks for Reading!

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