Is New Note Disabled or Greyed Out? Can’t create on Mac

Can’t Create a New Note on Notes App Mac after MacOS Ventura or 12 Monterey Update[MacBook, iMac, Mac mini]. Quickly fix the issue about your mac won’t creating a new note on Mac Notes app Becuase the New Note Option is Grayed Out or the New Note Compose icon is not Clicable. Several people found this issue after update macOS [MacOS Monterey, macOS Ventura]. Something, New Note Option is Read-only in File Menu or unable to click on New Note icon on Notes app Mac. Follow the quick guide and solutions that will really help you.

Some of the primary solutions work in most cases. Let’s check out one by one.


Six fixes for Notes will not let me create a new note on Macbook, Mac, iMac, Mac Mini

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1. Re-Enable Notes in iCloud Account on Mac

As you know, we can access iCloud Notes across all Apple devices, So there is an issue, Your Mac has enabled iCloud Note as default selection and you are not creating a new note under iCloud notes, Becuase it’s stuck after updating your Mac or Something another issue or bug.

Follow the below steps for Fixing it.

On MacOS Monterey & Earlier:- Can’t Create a New Note

  1. Open notes app on Mac. From the top mac menu, Select Notes > Accounts…accounts-option-in-notes-app-on-mac
  2. Select iCloud account from the left side of the window and Uncheck Notes if it’s checked and Select Again. and Wait for few seconds until your iCloud notes disappeared and Re-sync on the Notes app Mac.disable-and-enable-notes-in-icloud-account-on-mac
  3. Hope you are now able to create a new note from the Top menu [File > new Note] or New Note compose icon.create-a-new-note-on-mac-notes-app
  4. Still the option is not clickable then Force quite notes app and Re-Open. [From the top menu, Notes > Force Quit] and Open from Spotlight search or from launchpad.

On MacOS Ventura, Can’t create a new Note on Mac

  1. Open Notes app on Mac, from top menu Notes > Accounts…open-synced-accounts-in-notes-on-mac
  2. Select the iCloud account, that’s stuck and unable to create a New Notes. open-icloud-account-to-manage-notes-on-mac
  3. See the Notes, if it’s enabled then Disable and Enable the toggle again.enable-notes-from-icloud-account-on-mac-in-macos-ventura
  4. Now, Force close the app or Check are you able to create a new note in the Notes app on Mac. open Notes, from top menu File > New Note. That’s it.

Still, you won’t create a new note on Mac Notes app then check the other troubleshooting.

2. Sign out and Sign in iCloud account

By following this process, you will not lose any types of data from your Mac or from your iCloud account. By doing this, all the data will re-sync on the next sign-in. Sometimes, You need to take verification action after update your Mac or Old pending Apple ID Verification. Follow the below steps to Re-Sign in your apple ID On a mac.

On MacOS Monterey & Earlier: Sign Out Apple ID from Mac

  1. go the apple logo from the top Mac menu. Click on the System Preferences Option.system-preferences-on-mac
  2. Go to Apple
  3. Under the Overview section, click on the Signout option. – Sign Out Greyed Out on Macsign-out-icloud-account-on-mac-or-macbook-system-preferences
  4. Wait for your account to successfully signed out, Uncheck the iCloud Data synced with Mac and Continue. remove-icloud-data-from-mac
  5. Now, your Mac will ask for Enter your Apple ID password.verify-with-your-apple-id-password-on-mac
  6. Now, Go back and Sign in again under the System Preferences. Enter your Apple ID and Password to Login your Mac. Next, Enter your Mac Login password.sign-in-your-icloud-account-on-mac
  7. Now, Click on Merge data to your Mac. and Open Notes app on Mac, check the issue is fixed or not.merge-your-icloud-data-to-mac
  8. That’s it.

On MacOS Ventura: Sign Out Apple ID from Mac

  1. Go to the Apple Logo from the top menu > System Settings.system-settings-on-macos-ventura-on-mac
  2. Next, click on the Profile name > Scroll to the Option Sign Out.sign-out-apple-id-account-from-mac-system-settings
  3. Again Move back here and Sign in with the same Apple ID.sign-out-icloud-account-from-mac-complately-on-macos-ventura

is there no issue with your account or Data syncing error then fix the Software problem with a new software update available for your Mac, Also Explained in the next solution.

3. Change Default Account For Notes

As you know, we can directly create a new note in the iCloud account or On My Mac locally by selecting the folder itself. If you can see the iCloud Drive or On My Mac folder, then View it, Go to View from top Mac menu > Show Folder. show-icloud-and-on-my-mac-folder-for-notes-in-mac-notes-app

and select the appropriate folder where you can a new note and save it by default.


Also, we can change the default Notes Folder from Notes Preference settings,

  1. Open Notes app > From the top Mac menu Notes > Preferences.notes-preferences-on-mac
  2. Select Default account, “On My Mac” or “iCloud“.change-default-account-on-mac-notes-app
  3. That’s it. if you can’t icloud notes then follow the below Re-Syncing process.

4. Restart your Mac

Now, you have to restart your Mac computer to fix temporary software issues that are created on runtime.

Go to the apple logo from the top Mac menu > Restart.


Open the Notes app now, and Check are you able to create a new note with Notes options is enabled under the accounts explained earlier.

5. Check Software Update | Reinstall

On Mac, Get all fixed issues like your Mac can’t create a New Note. Update Apple’s released pending update.

Go to the Apple Logo from the top Mac menu > System Preferences > Software Update > Download and install the update and Check the issue is fixed. The latest macOS is free available to upgrade the firmware on your Mac computer.

Or You can reinstall Latest Supported MacOS to mac without touching Data. Still, I recommend taking Backup your Mac in Time Machine and Reinstall macOS.

Are you won’t able to access new notes in iCloud or Create a New note in iCloud then check the apple server status?

6. Check Apple System Status

To access data from your iCloud account on your Device, Your Mac is connected to the internet and Apple Server is up. Here’s check Apple System status Worldwide.

Hope you are creating a new note on your Mac notes app without any problem. do you need more help than comment me?

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  1. I experienced the same issue on macOS Monterey 12.2. My Notes App was already enabled in my iCloud account, however I went ahead and disabled it and enabled it again. After restarting the App I can create new notes again. Thank you!

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