Can I hide my online status on messenger on iPhone?

How do I make myself invisible on Facebook messenger

Want to appear offline in Messenger? Don’t worry it’s super easy and the best way to avoid your friends and family in personal time. Learn how to appear offline in Messenger.

In this world of cheaters, frauds and annoying people, it is better to enjoy social sites such as Facebook by appearing offline. However, some people are meant to disturb us but don’t worry you can stay hidden on Facebook from friends, family, and others if you follow this tutorial. Whenever you log in to Facebook, the messenger will show that you are active with Green signal until you log out or close the Facebook Application.

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Try this way to activate Dark mode on FaceBook Messenger

Steps to How to Hide Your Active Status on Facebook Messenger

Step #1. Open the FB Messenger app on your device

Step #2. Tap on Profile icon beside the top Search bar

Step #3. Scroll down the screen to find and tap on Active Status

Step #4. Now you can see a green toggle next to the show when you’re active

Kindly turn it off to hide your online status on Messenger

You’ll get a popup for confirmation so tap on Turn Off

That’s cool!

Video on How do I make myself invisible on Facebook messenger on iOS

Now you should Go back to tap on done to save the Change.

Or you should force quite messenger app to save the Setting.

So if you are looking to appear offline in Facebook messenger for privacy then read the steps below through which you can hide your active status of the Facebook messenger. Let’s see how you can go incognito, appear offline in Messenger.

There is one more option to your demand if you really want to get rid of certain people on Facebook we recommend you to block them. After that, neither you nor that person can send Messages.

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