How to Boot M1 Mac With External Boot Drive in 2024 [MB Air/Pro]

here are the two alternate methods of boot your Macbook with External Boot drive. that's no longer work with M1 Apple Silicon Mac.

here in this article, I have discussed what should do? To use an external boot drive on the M1 Macbook Air [M1 Macbook Pro coming soon], This trick also works for upcoming MacBook models. Apple’s own M1 Process Macbook doesn’t have an option for Clear RAM [PRAM/ NVRAM] process or Recovery mode process just like the traditional way. On M1 Mac, Clear up and ReBuild startup Data we can reset it automatically, By simply restart your Mac.

in the same way, Boot External with New 2020 M1 Macbook have a different process, That’s Two different methods.

is It Not Possible to Bootting an M1 Mac From an External Disk? Yes

Here’s how,

Method 1: Use Key to Boot External Drive on Mac

we can Use the Power key to Enter Recovery Mode, On M1 Apple Silicon MacBook.

Power Key on M1 MacBook
Power Key on M1 MacBook

The “Power Key” is replaced with the Command key for Detect External Boot drive on M1 Macbook. During the Startup process of your Macbook, “Press and Hold on the Power key [10 to 15 seconds] until you see the startup disk“. and select your External Drive to Open and use External Drive as a Boot key.

Method 2: Use System Preference

Manage and Switch internal SSD and external SSD, as a Boot Drive from System Preferences.

If the above method doesn’t work in any case you can change or Switch the Boot drive from System preferences settings. Also, This method is helpful to change the boot drive or startup drive while the MacBook is turned on. Without Turn off or Reboot your Macbook, Change Boot External Drive on M1 Macbook.

1. Click on Apple Logo from the top Mac menu and Click on the System Preferences option.
2. Now, Select the Startup disk option, and unlock the lock to make changes, and Select External Drive as a Boot Drive or Startup drive on M1 MacBook.

Select Startup Disk on Macbook M1 Silicon
Select Startup Disk on Macbook M1 Silicon

3. That’s it. Restart your Mac and start using External Drive on Mac.

How to Access Bootable USB Drive on M1 MacBook Mac: Downgrade MacOS

Downgrading macOS Version on Earlier macOS is not easy on the Mac system. For that Users have to Prepare a Bootable drive of Earlier macOS then Have to Boot on Mac in Recovery mode, So here M1 MacBook mac users can detect or Start the installation process in [Video] of bootable drive in the Recovery mode using Method 1.

  1. Restart your Mac
  2. Press and Hold on the Power key [15 to 20 seconds] on M1 Macbook until you see the External Bootable drive on Mac in Recovery mode.
Power Key on M1 MacBook
Power Key on M1 MacBook
  • Select the External USB Bootable Drive and Start the installation on your Mac.
  • That’s it.
  • Hope you get fixed your Problem with the M1 Apple Silicon Macbook that doesn’t load or open External Drive as a boot drive. Comment me for more solutions and troubleshooting.

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