How to Reduce Transparency on Apple Mac

Screen of Reduce transparency in OS X Yosemite

Apple has released massive changed OS for millions of Mac Users. OS X Yosemite supports iMac, MacBook Pro and some other Mac; look here which Mac supports Yosemite?  What you thought relates to stuffing features of Yosemite (10.10)? There are big changes with compare to old Mac OS X Mavericks. One thing is, Yosemite has been released with high transparency means grater darkness, but some Mac users are like, low or medium transparency Screen when they work on Mac system. So problem is almost users are not know that how to decrease/ reduce transparency in OS X Yosemite. I’m share here guide on how to reduce transparency in OS X Yosemite, for that follow beneath given step and get more enjoy with low transparent.

this screen looks on high transparency
for high transparency look


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Step on Reduce transparency in OS X Yosemite: feel better visibility from previous

Step 1.

Click on Apple logo icon, Right side of the Safari or File Menu

Step 2.

Now, Select System Preferences… option

tap on apple Menu - System Preference
System Preference in Menu

Step 3.

Select “Accessibility” inside the System Preferences Window


System Preference inside file menu option in Mac
System Preference

Step 4.

Now Click On Display inside sections of Vision, Right side of the screen.

Step 5.

Tick into the “Reduce transparency” box.

Under the Accessibility: transparency option
transparency options
Screen on Reduce transparency in OS X Yosemite
on Low transparency setting

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That’s it. Now check and tell us your feeling in the comment, how’s look of Screen and new window seems now? From the Accessibility, you can get Invert color screen option, Grayscale Options, as well increase contrast and other options. Keep in touch with us to get more Tips regarding to OS X Yosemite and iPhone, iPad iOS 8. Write comment in the comment box on, how much important this article is for you on how to Change or decrease/ Reduce transparency in OS X Yosemite. Like it? Share.

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