How to Disable End Call with Lock Button on iPhone 15, 14 (Any)

🗓️ November 24, 2023 By ✍️ Jaysukh patel

iPhone users across the globe have faced the issue when they accidentally press the Side Key, which eventually leads to ended calls. And causes awkward situations sometimes. However, to prevent such a scenario, Apple has released an iOS update that lets you turn off end calls with a lock button on your iPhone.

This guide will show steps to turn off end calls with a lock button on your iPhone running the latest iOS.

The trick to stop the Power Button from ending calls on iOS 17

The below steps are for iPhones running the latest iOS version. To check it out, read our article on how to update your iPhone to the latest iOS version.

Steps to turn off end call with lock button on iPhone

By default, Prevent Lock to End Calls is disabled on your iPhone. Here’s how you can turn it on. 

1. Go to the Settings App on your iPhone.
2. In the Settings Page, search and select Accessibility.

 Launch the settings app click on accessibility on iPhone

3. In the Physical And Motor menu, tap on Touch.
4. On the next screen, enable the toggle next to the Prevent Lock to End Calls. Once you turn on the toggle, in future, even if you accidentally press the Power Button, it won’t end your call. 

Click on touch turn OFF prevent look to end call on iPhone

That’s It!

Final Thought!

From now on, you’re not concerned about the accidental pressing of the Power Button during a call. You can press the Power Key during a call to prevent accidental touch. Also, remember that if Prevent lock to end calls is disabled, pressing the Side Key twice will not reject incoming calls. 

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