How to Enable/Disable HDR on iPhone (iPhone 14 Pro)

iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max have Smart HDR 4, allowing HDR video recording with Cinematic mode up to 4K HDR at 30 fps. TrueDepth Camera with Smart HDR 4 allows users to capture Might mode selfies with the Auto adjust toggle and HDR Video Recording. Here’s how to Turn on and Turn off Smart HDR on your iPhone camera from settings.

2021’s Apple iPhone model extends the quality of Camera results. Here I am talking about HDR settings available on iPhone 13 Series. also, we have a setting for Enable/Disable HDR on iPhone. This camera mode uses a 20x faster neural engine with an A15 Bionic chip and 2x Faster camera sensor on big screen resolution iPhone according to apple.

High Dynamic Range (HRD) photography techniques use high contrast and Dynamic range that take multiple photos simultaneously in low light or night mode.

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Steps to Disabled HDR on iPhone

1→ Open the Settings app on your iPhone.


2→ Now, Scroll to the camera and tap on it.

Under the “HDR” section, find ” HDR ” option and toggle it on.


The HDR intelligently lens the best parts of separate exposures into a single photo. Face the normally exposed photo in addition to the HDR version.

Once you enabled HDR, Your Camera app will see to change it from off, On, or Automatic.

  • On: In any condition, HDR photography is always turned on.
  • Off: Forcefully turn off HDR quality photo
  • Automatically: your iPhone identifies the situations of the atmosphere, and the iPhone camera app automatically Turns on & Turn Off when the Camera app is in use.

Disable or Turn off HDR on iPhone

We can Turn off HDR-quality pictures on the camera without disabling from settings.

We can temporarily disable the HDR camera option on iPhone.

1→ open the Camera app on iPhone. Just tap on the HDR option, and select the “Off” option.

2→ To Disable HDR for iPhone, Settings > Camera > Record Video> Next, Turn Off HDR and Turn it off.

iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X: Auto HDR

Auto HDR on old iPhone models functionality is the same as on new iPhone models. That uses apple’s fast-processing neural engine. That easily creates a machine-learning task while taking a low-light photo.

To turn on or Disable it, Settings > Camera > Auto HDR (Disable or Enable it).

Above all are the settings we can use to turn on/ turn off HDR on your iPhone.

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