Fix iPad Pro Microphone Not Working After iPadOS 16 Update

Microphone not working on iPad fixed

The microphone is sensitive and very important part of your iPhone, iPad or Other Smart Gadgets. Without the microphone, you can’t talk with other (Send Voice mail, Voice Message on a Social app, Talk on FaceTime video or audio call), cannot record audio/video, and many more things you aren’t able to perform on iDevice. But since it comes under electronic category it will somehow create problems for you. The common problems related microphone that we have come through are microphone not working after iPadOS 16 update, microphone not working in iPad and more.

This malfunctioning of the microphone can be simply fixed by carefully implementing the solutions in your iPad. However, it can be a long process for you to resolve and bring positive results.

Troubleshooting tips that help to Microphone not working on iPad Pro, iPad Mini

Microphone not working on iPad fixed
Microphone not working on iPad fixed

Fix 1: Quick look on few points

  1. Disconnect all the Bluetooth devices connected with iPhone/iPad.

Step #1: Go to “Settings” and tap “Bluetooth”.

Step #2: There if you see Bluetooth accessory the tap on (i) and then tap “Forget This Device”.

  1. While recording audio or video keep your fingers away from the microphone.
  2. Also, remove any case or screen guard which is blocking the microphone of the iPhone.
  3. Check if there is any problem with the cellular network.

Step #1: Launch “Voice Memos” and record something.

Step #2: After recording play the audio and if it is playing perfectly then the microphone of the iPhone is better. But if you are unable to hear audio then the cellular network is the reason behind Microphone not working in iPhone X.

  1. It is also possible that the application that you are using for recording is corrupted. So if any update is available then update the app or reinstall it. Apart from this give access to that app to access the microphone.

Step #1: Launch “Settings” and open “Privacy”.

Step #2: Go to “Microphone” and give access to that app.

iPad Microphone Privacy Settings and Restrictions
iPad Microphone Privacy Settings and Restrictions

Fix 2: Restart iPad

If the above tips are fulfilled by you and still Microphone is not working in iPadOS 16 then force restart the iPad.

iPad Mini, iPad Pro 2022:

Press and hold the Sleep/wake button and home button simultaneously and release when you see Apple logo.

iPad Pro-2021: Hard Reboot: No Home button

There is no home button on new iPad Pro, so you need to use below steps,

  1. Press and Quickly Release Volume up
  2. Next Press and Quickly Release Volume down
  3. Now, Only Press and Hold Side button, until you see apple logo or Slide to turn off toggle on screen.

Fix 3: Update the iDevice

Did you update the iPad to the latest iPadOS 16? If not then instantly update the iPadOS. The new iPadOS version contains bug fixes and you will get improved performance in iPhone.

Step #1: Launch “Settings” and open “General”.

Step #2: Tap on “Software Update”.

Step #3: Download and install the update if available.

Fix 4: Contact Apple Support

Still, if the problem of the microphone not working on iPad persists then you need to reach to Apple’s technical team and they will fix your issue. Alternative you can also try this,

Step #1: Go to “Contact Apple Support Page”.

Step #2: Choose from an iPhone or iPad.

Step #3: Select “Repairs & Physical Damage”.

Step #4: Next, click on “Unable to Hear Through Receiver or Speaker”. If you don’t find this option, click on “The topic is not listed” and type the problem as Microphone not working.

Step #5: Click on “Bring in for Repair”.

Now, above are the Quick fixes that we recommend in most cases. And it’s worked for you and others as well.

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