How to Hard Reboot iPad without Home button

We can fix many problems after Hard Reboot or Soft Restart the device. Here are the alternate three different techniques that work for Restart or Reboot iPad Pro, iPad Air, or iPad Mini. That also works for the new iPad models.  Don’t miss learning all three techniques that help in Hard Rebooting iPad Pro (No Home Button).

Hard Reboot iPad Pro fixes the Error on Network Connectivity, Cellular Problems, App Crashing, and Mail Problems. Sometimes your iPad Pro’s screen doesn’t respond to touch and Freeze overtime after too many apps running at once on the screen.

Three Methods: Hard reboot your iPad Pro (10.5 inch and 12.9 inches)

Method 1: Using Side button

  1. Quickly Press and Release Side Volume Up button.
  2. Now, Quickly Press and Release Volume down Button.
  3. Next, Press and Hold Side button to get side to turn off toggle on screen.

Use the Sleep/Wake button again to start up your iPad after force closes it.

Method 2: Using Assistive Touch Button

We have a soft or Quick option there under the Assistive touch button that we can access on a home screen or Lock Screen iPad.

Note: If Assistive Touch is not enabled, then enabled it first. Go to Settings > Assistive Touch. And Enable toggle to show on the screen.

Now Tap on Assistive Touch Button > Device > More > Restart.

Method 3: From Settings app

Go to Settings > General > Scroll down to end and Tap on Sign out the option to turn off the iPad.

These are the settings and Manual actions that we can use for Hard Reboot iPad Pro. Or Follow us on the social page to get more updates that notified you at first.

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