How do I find someone in a Clubhouse in 2023?Tips to Meet New People

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Get here How do I find someone in a clubhouse? Clubhouse Audio app is growing up worldwide. Like other social media apps, in the Clubhouse, users are trying to find new people to watch its profile and connect with them. Here I’m going to put some fantastic tips that will harness to get followers and more new connections on your clubhouse profile.

This instruction will become helpful for all beginners, medium and high-level experts.

some tips for meeting new people on Clubhouse

There are a number of ways to discover people in the Clubhouse.

Trick #1. Sync iPhone contacts to Clubhouse App

Allow access to your phone book contacts to the clubhouse App.
In advance, to fast grow on Clubhouse, Connect your Twitter and Instagram profile to the clubhouse app.

What will you get to do this? You can achieve some personalized recommendations on your clubhouse account page for new people to follow.

Trick #2. Use Clubhouse App Searchbar

iOS Clubhouse app comes with a search bar tool that users can utilize to find new friends/ people and clubs. You can action it by Click on magnifying glass icon, and Open the search bar screen, and next enter the name that you would like to see the clubhouse user profile.

You cannot find a user that you are searching for, then kindly ask them its clubhouse username via another social media app or by call. after that, tap on the Follow button to put it into your following list.

Get moreFix Contact not showing in clubhouse App

Trick #3. Find people similar to the ones you follow.

Just open your followers or following, after that open its clubhouse profile, next then click on the “star” button next to the follow button, that’s why you can see a section called People to follow
you can swipe to the left side from the right to find new people and tap on see more to see the full list view.

Trick #4. Create a room or Join Room on Clubhouse

watch my video guide to create room and run it as a pro moderator.

Trick #5. See on Upcoming Events

Check your upcoming events and shows on Clubhouse
on this page, you can find new people in Clubhouse.

Trick #6. Meet new people on the Clubhouse is to Participate in Clubhouse’ Clubs’

You can get new people with your similar interest.

I hope you found my article helpful. Thanks for reading me!!

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