Can’t Sign into Netflix on Apple TV 2023? Here are Solutions

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Netflix is one of the largest platforms with thousands of movies, shows, and entertainment programs. Netflix can be operated on Mobiles, Tablets, Computers, MacBook, and Televisions too, simply download the Netflix App, sign in with credentials, and start streaming your favorite shows and movies at your fingertips. Netflix could show different errors, and won’t start at all, different errors have different meanings and reasons.

We’ve addressed the few most common Netflix Errors of Apple TV, with potential solutions to deal with it and get them fixed. It’s quite easy to fix the Can’t sign in to Netflix error on Apple TV, once you refer this article to the end.

Fix Can’t Sign into Netflix on Apple TV

Not able to log into Netflix on Apple TV

Why does Netflix not let me sign in? When this type of error occurs with Apple TV and Netflix App, there can be two definite reasons, either it could be an app bug or the internet is causing such problems. The best possible solution right now is to reinstall the Netflix App on your Apple TV.

  1. Turn On the Apple TV.
  2. Go to the Apple TV homescreen.
  3. Next, highlight the Netflix App on your Apple TV.
  4. On your Apple TV remote hold down the center touchpad until the Netflix App icon start jiggling.
  5. Now, press the play/pause button on Apple TV Remote to delete the app.
  6. Choose Delete.
  7. You can reboot the Apple TV.
  8. And install the Netflix App again from the App Store.
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How do you Sign into a New Netflix Account on Apple TV?

Signing in to Netflix Account on Apple TV is quite easy, all you need is good internet connectivity and correct credentials of Netflix Account. Depending on your Apple TV model, kindly follow the steps.

Note: If you don’t have Netflix Account, then use web browser or mobile app to create new one.

For Apple TV 2 or Apple TV 3:

  1. Go to the Apple TV main menu.
  2. Find and open Netflix App.
  3. Choose Already A Member? Sign in.
  4. Type the correct Netflix username and password.

For Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 4K:

  1. Launch the App Store from the Apple TV homescreen.
  2. Find the Netflix App and Install it. Ignore this step, if you’ve already installed the Netflix App on Apple TV.
  3. Once the Netflix App is installed, open it.
  4. Enter the Netflix username and password.
  5. And login to the Netflix account on Apple TV.

Why does Netflix keep saying my password is incorrect on Apple TV?

Are you sure you’re entering correct Netflix username and password? Have you check the uppercase and lowercase or any special character has been entered? If not, then first check the credentials of Netflix Account.

Alternatively, try signing in to Netflix on web browser rather than Netflix App, this could do some good to you. If that didn’t work, then it’s better to reset the Netflix Password. Here’s how to reset Netflix password.

  1. Visit the Netflix Reset Page and enter the Email ID or Mobile associated with it.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions and reset the password.
  3. Once you’re done with this, try signing in to the Netflix App.
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Can’t Sign into Netflix on Apple TV 113

Netflix Error 113 is related to the sign-in, when you sign in to Netflix, and receive a message, “Sorry we have trouble logging you in” or “Your Netflix account name or password couldn’t be verified. Please try again. Go to for more information. Ultimately, there’s an issue with your sign-in information and that can only be fixed with the below steps.

Solution 1: Check the Email and Password

Have you double-check the Netflix Email ID and Password? Sometimes, in hurry, people enter the incorrect Email ID and Password while signing in. verify the email and password again and see if it works. Furthermore, you should also try login to Netflix on web browser. And make sure you’ve not reached the maximum limit for Netflix.

Solution 2: Reset Password

Can’t log into Netflix on Apple TV code 113? Resetting passwords every month is a good habit to enhance security and avoid such errors while login.

  1. Visit the Reset Password Page of Netflix and enter the Email ID or Mobile Number to reset the Netflix Password.

Solution 3: Reinstall Netflix App

Last but not the least, reinstall the Netflix App on your Apple TV. If the app is corrupted and buggy, reinstalling the Netflix App will definitely resolve the problem.

  1. Go to the Apple TV home screen.
  2. Highlight the Netflix App using the Apple TV remote.
  3. Hold down the center touch pad until the Netflix App starts shaking.
  4. Now press the play/pause button and delete the app.
  5. Choose Delete.
  6. Visit the App Store and reinstall the Netflix App.
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Unable to Sign in Netflix Apple TV atv-ui92

Usually Netflix error atv-ui92 occurs on Apple TV 2 and Apple TV 3. And if you’re dealing with this error on Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 3, make sure to contact the Netflix customer care.

Make sure to use the Original Apple TV Remote instead of using Remote App on Apple devices.

Make sure to enter correct Email ID and Password in Netflix App.

Reset Netflix Password: Open the Reset Password Page of Netflix web browser and reset the password.

Reset All Settings on Apple TV:

  • Go to the Apple TV Home Screen.
  • Find and open Settings on Apple TV.
  • Choose General.
  • Select Reset.
  • Select Reset All Settings.
  • And confirm it.
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