How to Pin a Tweet on iPhone Twitter App: Tip for iOS Twitter

The Twitter app has been created by the knowledge of the CEO jack Dorsey’s and his other colleagues. it has become a superb online social network. For notability purpose, you can affix your emergent tweet on the top of your business or individual twitter page. To generating more valuable web traffic, twitter is an ideal platform. For that, you need just register your profile on twitter login page and create page such Facebook Page. Even if you’ve already then go next. Here, we come with an official way that will learn to you, how to pin a tweet on iPhone twitter app. Like to know tip for iOS twitter users.

We really happy by publishing this post for our readers. Hope, this would be helpful to grow up business, a wonderful way for celebrities, business people, organization, and many others. In addition, A pin tweet can play a paramount role in your business and individual twitter profile.

Essential Steps that you must follow to pin a Tweet on iPhone Twitter App

Pin a Tweet on iPhone Twitter App

Step 1. Launch latest version of Twitter app on iPhone.

Step 2. Tap on Me to see your all submitted tweets.Pin to your Profile iPhone, iPad Twitter app

Step 3. Find your desired tweet (out from all tweets) and tap gently on that tweet to get Pin option. (Otherwise your tweet will be open as a full post.)

Step 4. Hit the (…) More icon.

Step 5. So now you will get a pop up choose Pin to your Profile

Step 6. Read popup instruction that will be asked you

‘’ Pin this Post – This Will appear at the top of your profile and replace any previously Pinned Tweet. Are you sure?’’

If you’re agree then select Pin to Tweet on iPhone Twitter App

That’s it.

You can view new Pinned tweet by refreshing twitter app. Therefore, this Pin tweet stays at the top of your stream until don’t make unpin that. you can do your tweet unpin or pin whenever you want. So this was an ideal way to get more users engagement through pin tweet.

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