How to Play Tanks on iMessage Games on iPhone (iOS 17.1.2)

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Follow this tutorial to start playing War Game on iMessage on iPhone, iPad. Popular Games If you are bored of playing high-end battle royal games, then we have the best alternative to such games. It is not an exact alternative, but yes you will not get such high graphics if you are playing battle games of iMessage. iMessage has three versatile battle games in iMessage, which are Paintball, Tanks, and Sea Battle.

The technique to play these games differs and so we will further discuss how you can play battle games in iMessage. Hopefully, you want to learn them too, and that’s why you are here. Let’s get started and see how to play battle games in iMessage.

Play War Games in iMessage on iPhone, iPad – Fight With Tank, SEA Battle

in iOS 17, iMessage has been re-design app, so all users who want to play games with your friends, please follow the bottom steps with an illustration.

#1. Open Message App

#2. Navigate a Contact to play a game with them.

open message app choose a contact

#3. Click on the (+) button next to the chat field.

#4. Tap on () More and tap GamePigeon.

click on plus button and choose more next click on gamepigeon game

#5. Choose Tanks game from the game list (I think you will have to scroll the game list with a finger as we do usually).

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#6. Tap on the Blue arrow icon to send a request to your friend. After your message is delivered successfully.

choose tank game and hit on the blue arrow button to send the game request to friend

#7. Now wait for the opponent to accept your game request, first, your opponent will play the game, and they will send your request to beat and win the tank game on message.

Way to Download Game Pigeon Game in iMessage

  • Step #1: Launch the “iMessage” app on your iPhone.
  • Step #2: Tap on Type Box.
  • Step #3: Below the text box, you can see different apps such as App Store, Photos and more.
Download GamePigeon from Message app store
Download GamePigeon from the Message app store
  • Step #4: Tap the “App Store”.
  • Step #5: Select the Search icon and type GamePigeon.
  • Step #6: Tap on “GamePigeon” and install it.
  • Step #7: Once the app gets downloaded in your device, tap on “GamePigeon” below the same text box.
  • Step #8: From there you can play battle games such as Sea Battle, Tanks, and Paintball.
All Games for iMessage
All Games for iMessage
  • Step #9: Now you have to send a request to your friend to play battle games in iMessage with you.
  • Step #10: Select one of the games and send it.

Here’s a quick guide on how to play battle games in iMessage. Video giving example on Cup pong game in iMessage.

How to Play Tanks in iMessage

  • Step #1: Open the “Tanks” game in iMessage.
  • Step #2: Now when your turns come, set the Angle and Power using your fingers to drop the bomb on enemy’s Tanks.
Start to Play War Game on imessage on iPhone
Download GamePigeon from the Message app store
  • Step #3: Tap “Fire” once you set the angle and power.

How to play Sea Battle in iMessage

  • Step #1: When you select Sea Battle, there’s one option provided to you that will allow you to choose the Game Mode. Tap to select it.
  • Step #2: Now, tap on Send Arrow to invite your friend.
  • Step #3: Wait a while.
  • Step #4: Now, how to fire on Sea Battle in iMessage, select the target and tap “Fire”.
  • Step #5: You will be given chances to fire unless you drop fire in water.
  • Step #6: To keep destroying your enemy, you have to select the right target and fire.
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This is how you can fire in the Sea Battle game on iMessage.

How To Play Paintball in iMessage

  • Step #1: Once again tap “Paintball”.
  • Step #2: There will be three targets available, but you don’t know your enemy’s exact location.
  • Step #3: So, you have to select the target and hit “Fire”.
  • Step #4: If your fire hits the enemy you will win else you will lose.

Hope you Enjoyed Different War or Battle Games on iMessage that allows you to Free Play With your Friends as a Multiplayer Game. Share Feedback and Know your Friends by sharing this article on your social page.

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