How to Put Audacity in Dock on Mac in 3 Ways (Sonoma)

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If you need to use a particular app frequently, for instance, Audacity, then it’s easy to add it to your Mac dock. Once you add it over there, you can access your Audacity with just one click. And the best part is the procedure for this is quite handy. So here is how to put Audacity in your Dock on Mac running the latest macOS. 

Ways to Put Audacity in Your Dock on Mac

Here below are two different ways to add the Audacity app on your Mac dock. So, without any ado, let’s get started.

Method #1. Drag the Audacity App in Dock

One of the easiest ways to add the Audacity app into the Mac dock is to drag and drop the App icon into Finder, which is the File management app for Mac computers. For this, first, click on the Finder Icon on your Mac dock to bring the Finder to the foreground. 

Step 1: With Finder activated, look across the Mac menu bar and click on Go, and from the prompted menu, select Applications.

Open Applications in Finder on Mac

Step 2: This will open the Applications folder in the Finder window. Locate the Audacity App, then click and drag its icon in the Mac dock

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Add Audacity to Dock on Mac

As you hover the Audacity App Icon over the dock, you’ll find that the other app icons will move and assign the space in between. When you position the app icon perfectly, let out the mouse button, and the Audacity app icon will pop up in the right place in its full-size form. 

Method #2. Select Keep In Dock

There’s another handy way to add an app icon to a Mac Dock. For instance, you have already accessed the Audacity app using the Launchpad or Finder, and it’s currently appearing in your Mac Dock because it’s already running.

Step 1: However, to keep the Audacity App icon even when not used, all you need to do is just, right-click (Option + Click) the Audacity App Icon in Dock and choose Options. From the prompted menu, select Keep In Dock.

Add Audacity app icon to dock manually using Options

Step 2: After that, the App icon will remain in the Mac Dock even when you exit the Audacity App.

Method #3. Put Audacity Software in Login items

Tips! Alternatively, we can also add Audacity in the Login item, as a result, your Mac will launch Audacity whenever you start Mac or even restart.

Step 1: Go to the Apple logo from the top menu > System Settings.

Click Apple Logo Select System Settings... On Mac

Step 2: Select General > Login items.

Select General Click Login Items On Mac

Step 3: Tap the Plus (+) Button to add a New App or Login item.

Add New app in Login item on Mac

Step 4: Find Audacity in the Applications folder > Open.

Click Applications Select Audacity Choose Open On Mac

That’s it.

How to Remove Audacity App Icon from Mac Dock

If you’re no longer using the Audacity App and your Mac dock looks cluttered, then removing it from there is the best solution. To do so, drag the Audacity App icon away from the dock until the app icon becomes transparent and you will see a “Remove” label on it. Let out the mouse button, and an icon will be removed from dock. 

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Alternatively, right-click on the Audacity App Icon, select Options from the prompted menu, and choose Remove from Dock

Remove Audacity from Dock on Mac

Final Verdict!

That’s it, folks! This is how you can easily add and remove the Audacity app icon from the Mac dock. I hope you find it helpful; if so, share as much as you can. 

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