How to Restore Disappeared Downloads Folder to Mac Dock


Are your downloads missing from Dock on Mac? is your Apple Mac Accidentally removed Downloads from Finder? is your macOS Lost Downloads folder both from Dock and Finder? Don’t worry, here are ways to add downloads to dock Monterey with a better way to get Downloads to appear at the bottom of the screen on Mac. You can also put a download folder on desktop Mac within a second. Because of download folder is an all-time highly accessible stack, as we know our all safari, chrome, and all other browsers store files in the download folder. 

Let’s I’m sharing with you how to restore the missing downloads folder on your Mac computer dock.

In short, how to maintain your downloads folder on your Mac; All about to from add downloads folder to delete on your Mac.  

Different Ways to Access Downloads Folder on Your Mac

Quick access from the sidebar on your Mac Finder App

From the Mac Dock

Using Spotlight Search press the F4 key on your Apple Magic Keyboard to activate Spotlight Searchbar

Use Finder top menubar – then click Go – in dropdown Choose Downloads 

Using Finder Command Keys – Alt (Option)-Command -L

How to Add Download Folder on Finder sidebar on your Mac

Follow the steps to bring back the downloads section into the finder sidebar if missing download folder in the finder side panel on the Mac computer.

#1. Open Finder

#2. Click on Finder on top of Menubar 

#3. Choose Preferences… Or press Command +, keys – A Finder Preferences screen will open, 

#4. Click on Sidebar section and check the box next to the Downloads.

That’s it.

For more, get here how to put the downloads folder on your Mac Desktop.

How to Add Download Folder on Dock Mac

#1. Launch Finder on Your Mac

#2. find Downloads tab under the Favourites section appear left side panel – if you do not find the Sidebar on the finder screen just press control – Command + S

#3. Select Downloads

#4. Now Right-click on the Downloads tab

#5. Go with Add to Dock.

Very Simple. Now let’s a look at your Mac Dock, a downloads folder is there. i hope this way on How to Put Recent Downloads Folder Back on the Dock, is helpful for you!

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