How to Customize Dock on Mac: macOS Big Sur/Catalina and Earlier – Hide Dock, Change Dock Size

Last Updated on Nov 23, 2020

Customize Dock on Mac Using dock preferences. The latest macOS is a very Powerful OS comparing to all other old Mac OS X. Now, at the latest macOS, you can get many innovative features regarding Dock preferences. Not say more about dock here, because I think you know that very well but, in short, it’s a convenient place to keep apps icon to use frequently. You can see that bottom of your Mac screen. You’ll get here, three tips regarding Mac dock for new OS X. Change the size of the dock, how to hide the dock automatically, how to reposition or move dock on the Mac screen. To, learn these all tips in deep go at beneath and know today how to Customize Dock on Mac OS X.

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Customize Dock on Mac –  Change Size, Magnification, Position on Screen, Effect 

  • Step 1. Click Apple logo,
  • Step 2. Click on System Preferences
  • Step 3. Click on Dock    Dock pane on system preference of Mac OS X Yosemite
  • Step 4. As per the below-given picture, Tick marks the check box to automatically hide and show the dock on your Mac.
Customize Dock on Mac Desktop Screen

Customize Dock on Mac Desktop Screen

That’s it. using this option, you Mac Screen Dock will hide when you did not use it, if you want to see the dock then move the pointer on the dock where it is located on your Mac screen Such as Left, right or bottom side. Truly, this is an awesome setting for Customize Dock on Mac. Show recent Application in Dock is a new feature that included on Latest MacOS.

How to Change the Dock Size on Mac

In Dock System presences pan, you can see a slider to change Dock size; if you want to big size Dock then, drag the slider from small to large side and get large Size dock on your Mac screen.

That’s it. A bellow of the size feature you can see, Magnification – it’s for that, whenever you move your pointer on the dock for a particular app icon at that time icon will happen to magnify. So that, magnification size slider is a customizable, according to your choice, you can keep icon magnify size small or large using magnification slider.

How to re-position or Move Dock on Mac Screen

Best way for Customize Dock on Mac – default Dock potion is the bottom of the screen but, apart from them there are two options for location, Left and Right to choose a location or move dock on Mac Screen.

On Dock Preferences pane, you can see an option position on the screen, Left, Bottom and Right. You can keep Dock on your Mac left side as a vertical position. Similarly, the right side as a vertical position as well Bottom as a horizontal manner, bottom side on the Mac Screen.

How to Show indicator On Dock for Open Application – Mac

A great feature of Customize Dock on Mac    

Click on, Apple logo >> System Preferences >> Click on Dock

To, show the indicator Just checked the checkbox, Show indicator for an open application. After that you’ve a small dot appear below the icons for Open apps.

Leave you replay for, which is the way for you, that’s you never know for the dock. We ardor, by publishing this post for you on how to customize Dock on Mac. Keep in touch with us to know more, How to Tips for new Upgrade OS X.

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