How to Send Messages to Multiple Contacts in WhatsApp on iPhone 2024

With Broadcast way, send picture, Video, and Text, Message to multiple contacts in WhatsApp from your iOS device quickly. Many WhatsApp users didn’t get the idea on how to message too many friends at once, broadcast message in WhatsApp, forward message to own friend list at once. But you can do it, for that you don’t need to select each of the saved contacts on your iPhone and iPad.

Here I am not taking on the group because the group message will show all and others to you also on the same team, but in this case reply message will be shown in particular recipients’ chats. To analyze the below straightforward steps on handy WhatsApp tips, you must know,

This option is an official way to send your conversation to all your friends at once; you can also use it in the future (for all-time purposes) to send the message to this list.

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How To Send Messages to Multiple Contacts on WhatsApp

Below mentioned steps have been written for the iOS Whatsapp latest version (you can check the app version on your iPhone with these steps – Go to Whatsapp Settings – Scroll and tap on Help – here top of the screen, you will see the Whatsapp firmware number).

How do I send text to multiple contacts at the same time in WhatsApp?

Step #1. Open up the latest Whatsapp messenger on your iPhone home screen.
Step #2. Tap on Chats, and look at two chat bubbles on the left to the Whatsapp Settings.
Step #3. Here tap on Broadcast Lists – you can appear in a given picture.

 Launch the WhatsApp tap chats click broadcast lists on iPhone

Step #4. Create a new List or select an old broadcast list that views on the broadcast lists screen.
– If you are creating a new one, then choose the contacts (there is a Maximum limit of 256 members in a single broadcast list) that you want to send a message at once.
Step #6. In the end, Tap on Create at the top right corner.

Click new list tap on select contacts then create button on iPhone

That’s it.

Note: You cannot select all contacts in the Whatsapp broadcast list. Therefore, you will have to choose contacts individually.

Read below to how to send a message in a WhatsApp broadcast

Step 1: Now, open a broadcast list and enter a message into the text field, then tap on the Blue button with the arrow icon to send a message. You can edit the Whatsapp broadcast list to add or delete the member of your iPhone address book whenever you want.

Click any word then blue button tap on messages select edit list on iPhone

The advantage of a broadcast list is that the group:  can send pictures, Videos, and text to all the recipients added in the broadcast list. And recipient’s reply will come in a particular recipient’s chat not in the broadcast chat list.

Guide to Create a Group Whatsapp on iPhone

In a Second way to send a message to mass contacts in Whatsapp iPhone – you will have to create a Group. Looks below steps to create and send group message on Whatsapp iPhone.

Step 1: Go to WhatsApp on your iPhone – Hit on New Group (You can appear in the Chats tab) – Select participants up to 256 members
Step 2: Now, tap Next and provide a group name and free group profile picture – Lastly, tap on Create and tap on Done to confirm your Whatsapp group.

 Click chats tap new group then select contacts tap on next for group name and select create button on iPhone

Now, write a message into a group text field and tap on the send button. Finally, these both are official and professional ways to share an important, funny and even to make a message viral easily by helping the Whatsapp group message.

I hope you got here a full guide on Whatsapp broadcast vs. group. Let’s share your feedback on this article on sending Messages to multiple contacts in WhatsApp in the comments below.

2. Choose Multiple contacts from the Chat list,

Step 1: Launch the WhatsApp app. Tap on contacts Tap and hold on messages. click on forward on WhatsApp.

Tap and hold click forward on iPhone

Step 2: Check on messages. Tap on the Forward icon,(at the bottom left corner), select contacts on check, then select forward on iPhone.

Select msg and share then select contacts number click forward on iPhone
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Now, you are enjoying Message to multiple contacts in WhatsApp using the broadcast list option.

If you are facing any problem with the forward conversation to the contacts bunch, then comment below. Don’t miss sharing this idea with your friends.

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