How to send message to multiple contacts in WhatsApp [iOS]

Last Updated: Nov 26, 2016

Broadcast or send picture, Video and Text, Message to multiple contacts in WhatsApp from your iOS device is so easy. Many of WhatsApp users didn’t get the idea on how to message too many friends at once, broad cast message in WhatsApp, forward message to own friend list at once. But you can do it, for that you don’t need to select each of them saved contacts in your iPhone and iPad. Here I am not taking on group because group message will be show all and others to you also in same group, but in this case reply message will be shown in particular recipients chats. So analyze the below straightforward steps on very useful WhatsApp tips you must know,

This option is official way to send your conversation to all the friends at one time, you can also use in future (all time purpose) to send message to this list.

Using whatsApp send message to recipients list
WhatsApp tips – Message to multiple contacts in WhatsApp

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Step to broadcast or send Message to multiple contacts in WhatsApp friends in iPhone and iPad

Broad Cast message in Group is Easy And Reusable technique for iOS users.

Step 1

Launch WhatsApp from app home screen,

Step 2

Click on Broadcast Lists button, from top inside chat screen.

Step 3

If you want to crease new message broad cast list tap on New List, otherwise you can add more recipients in already create contact list.

Step 4

Under the New List screen, find your friends as a recipients and press (+) sign on recipients in search results of your friends.

Step 5

Before you back in your screen, tap on Create button to save changes in list.

This broadcast list will be shown in your active WhatsApp chat screen,

Advantage of broadcast list with compare to group:  can send picture, Videos and text to all the recipients added in broadcast list. And recipients reply will be come in particular recipients chat not in broadcast chat list.

2. Choose Multiple contacts from Chat list,

1 Forward WhatsApp message to Multiple contacts on iPhone and iPad

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Now, you are enjoying Message to multiple contacts in WhatsApp using broadcast list option. Till are you facing any problem on forward conversation to contacts bunch then comment in below. Don’t miss to like share this idea with your friends.