21 Best Mac Apps to download in 2023 (Free and paid)

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macOS is arguably better than other OS in many ways, but you know you can improve it? That’s what is only possible, installing the must-have third-party application for Mac.  

Whether you are searching for easy ways to drag and drop, record video, or take quick screenshots cleaning your Mac, alternative terminal, etc., there are arrays of applications to make the macOS experience better. 

To help you find the best application for macOS, we have curated a list of some most popular applications for the latest macOS.

Best Mac Apps for All mac users

This blog has covered the top 21 applications you must install on your Mac computer. So please read it and install it accordingly. 

1. CleanShot X

CleanShot X is a screenshot and annotation app; with an advanced ability that you won’t experience in built-in macOS Screenshot Tool. With the scrolling capture aspect, you can capture something that doesn’t fit your screen, like a bunch of code in safari or chat in iMessage. But that’s not all; it adds valuable features like annotating in a few clicks, converting videos into gifs, and muting notifications automatically while recording. In addition, the capturing tool lets your screen be clutter-free in just a few clicks. Best of all, the paid application is powerful and easy to use. 

2. Google Chrome

First and foremost, it allows you to sync your data across non-apple devices. Moreover, Google has a more extensive extension library and easy-to-use tools than any browser. On the other hand, chrome is faster and more reliable but has a reputation for using users’ privacy from chrome. However, for more convenience, you can read our blog on Safari Vs Chrome and let your doubt clear.

3. 1Password


1Password is a lightweight application designed as an alternative Keychain Access on Mac. It’s a complete lifesaver as it stores autofill usernames, forms, passwords, website logins, and one-time 2FA code for no time logging in. And best part is that it securely shares the data with non-user of 1Password. However, there are two versions available one for Individual Version usage, and another is Family Version. Subscribe to it as per your requirement.

4. Bartender


Bartender is designed for users utilizing too many applications on Mac. It simply places the application in the menu and rearranges it as per your need. Its subtle categorized tool keeps the organizing as need in mind. Additionally, you can search for and add the specific application in Bartender Menu for faster access and to save space in the Menu Bar. The most recent version is compatible with macOS Monterey and Later, with extra capabilities like quick reveal, show/hide, and rearranging the icon. To give it a try, the company offers a Four-Month Free Trial. Please read our detailed guide on how to use bartender on Mac.

5. Grammarly 

Grammarly is writing assistance. Download it on your Mac computer and jot down the professional mail, Document with no mistakes on Browser or App. The free version is beyond the basic grammar; check the Punctuations and Spell Checker, and suggest the sentences to make them readable and understandable. In the Premium version, you will receive advanced features, punctuation consistency, and plagiarism detection against billions of websites. The application is genuinely designed to renovate your sentence. 

6. CleanMyMac

CleanMyMac X, known as an all-in-one Mac cleaner, aims to remove junk and make your Mac Computer workable in just a fraction of a second. Moreover, the application fix hung apps, update applications, remove malware, free up apps, etc. So it’s a complete one-stop solution for the Mac Computer frequently coming across Mac Misbehaving Issues. There are both free and paid versions available. Paid version consumes more capabilities, so if money doesn’t matter, it’s worth buying. 

7. VLC


VLC media player is an open-source program and compatible with almost every platform. It’s free to download and supports most of the media files that we need. Moreover, it includes the feature to convert media files to another format. Best of all, if there are missing subtitles, it will download and accordingly sync for you. However, there are many reasons for VLC being better than any other application, but most ordinary people are willing to have it in their built-in macOS player.

8. Dropover


If you want something that makes drag and drop easier, immediately install dropover. Use it to hide, move or gather any draggable content without accessing the side-by-side window. Furthermore, it is a handy way to access the storage of Mac; it appears on its own when you require and floats on the upper screen of window. Just shake the mouse cursor and drag whatever you want on the shelf that appears next to the cursor. Isn’t relatively easy to use!

9. Keka 


Keka is a file archiver, and it’s easy to use. When installed on a Mac, you can handily compress as many files as you want. It allows you to divide the file and protect it using the password. Moreover, it extracts lots of compressed, for instance, ZIP to RAR. Simply drop the files you want in the Keka app in your dock or window.

10. Sound Source


Sound source application allows you to control the sound of Mac’s Input and Output right from the menu bar. You change the sound of the individual app to send them to other audio output. Make the sound quality more extensive with a powerful built-in effect known as Advanced Audio unit support. There are two different versions, Freemium and Premium.

11. Velja


Velja is a browser picker app. With a Velja application, you can open the link in a specific App or browser. Nonetheless, the Velja cannot handle links clicked in the specific browser, but it comes as a Safari extension that needs to be enabled. Up next, you can click on the Toolbar Icons to access the current page with Velja. There are many more features, such as Quickly Change Browser, Shortcut Support, Share Extension, etc. And it is compatible with many arrays of applications. 

12. CotEditor


CotEditor is a lightweight application neat yet powerful for editing plain text such as Web Pages

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The application includes various advanced aspects such as Powerful find and replaces with regular expression, line number view, handling file encoding, vertical text layout mode, etc. Besides, this application launches so quickly that you can jot down the text instantly when you want. Consider it a perfect draft of your text or a scratch code. The application is available on app store with no charges and in-app purchases. 

13. Scrivener

If you write the thought in a nonlinear manner – Scrivener is your need. The application is on to go, mainly used by novelists, nonfiction writers, students, academics, lawyers, and journalists. Scrivener won’t tell you how to write; instead, tell you the missing points. Apart from this, it makes you manage and understand what narratives are. For instance, if you want the subplot to come back every six chapters, you can handily manage it within the manuscript and color-coded note cards. And it’s freemium. 

14. iTerm2


iTerm is a replacement for a terminal, and it really succeeded in the role. As it’s compatible with multiple panes compared to those of a Terminal. You can continue working on numerous projects or run different commands inside various panes. iTerms include split panes, search within the command, auto-complete, copy code, smart selection, password manager, etc. What makes it more notable is – it’s completely free. 

15. Radio Silence


Radio Silence is an outbound application for Firewalls on Mac. It comes with the ability to show every established network connection in real time. And if you get across the application, misbehaving can stop with a single click. And most people like Radio Silence as it is a faster, better, and more affordable option to make your Mac secure. To give it a try, the company offers Free-Trail, and once you get finished with it, you can subscribe to its premium version. 

16. Homebrew

Homebrew is the application that installs the stuff you want – not the stuff that Apple wants. Homebrew is an open-source package manager and free application for macOS. The app firmly helps you to manage the developer tools like Ruby, Node j.s, and Python on your Mac computer. Besides this, you will receive many command lines to automate your work. Best of all, they are automatically installed, updated, and uninstalled at one location on Mac.

17. Rectangle

Rectangle is a macOS application well-known for organizing, managing, and controlling Windows with a keyboard. The ability to snap windows to screen edges makes it different from others. If you are a fan of Spectacle, the Rectangle application is entirely more than you have got in it. Available in two versions, Rectangle Basic and Pro.

18. Office 365

It’s a cloud productivity platform. When you subscribe to it, you will receive various applications, such as Microsoft Word, Team, Outlook, OneDrive, PowerPoint, etc. And it’s available across all peripherals like Macs, PCs, Phones, and Tablets. 

19. Fantastical

Fantastical is one kind of calendar App for Mac. It does not need everybody like Apple’s in-built calendar then you have one option to fill up your Mac with the new Calendar app. By using these apps, you can create event reminders, quick day views as well as month view

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At least these Fantastical apps can fill deep of your default Apple calendar compare to think any other apps for the calendar.

20. Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud storage service that works in collaboration with other people between all of your Smart Devices. Dropbox as a service people are using for Real-time document sharing, Backup, storing Captured screenshots & Gifs, Delivering large files up to 100 GB, collaborative documents, and Storing passwords securely.

21. Evernote

Evernote is like a simple note, but its work is very excellent. Any other note is synced by the Mac ever note: I suggest you install this app on your New Mac and make something new. It doesn’t matter which cell phone you used, but you can sync notes with your Mac Evernote apps. As well as upload images, tag, different kinds of multiple notes and much more. As well it’s a free app for Mac. Amazing Mac apps for New Mac owners.

Bottom Line

So we end with a list of the best apps for Mac. In case there are applications used by you and not mentioned in the article, drop them in the below comment box.

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