How to Turn Off Predictive Text on iPhone and iPad

How to Turn Off Predictive Text on iPhone and iPad

The Predictive Text useful to complete sentences without any typos. One can use Predictive with just a few taps on the display screen. Prediction helps in saving time without any errors. Here I discuss on to manage or Change the Predictive text setting that auto replaces the word with text on type Mail, or Message from iOS Keyboard.

IOS Gives a good feature of using the Predictive Text tool by our wish. This means that the users can turn ON and OFF the Predictive tool. Predictive Text must be utilized according to your choice, so the addition of Predictive Text to your iPhone keyboard is all up to you. To turn on and off the Predictive Text on your iDevice, you must follow the following steps to easily enjoy the Predictive Text.

Firstly as you start typing, you can observe that there are some choices that are displayed so one can choose these words and phrases which are probably to your sentence which is based on your past conversation and type of the way you wrote.

Another thing is you can do from the below shortcut method, Otherwise, go with the alternate method to the next. (Globe icon not showing on Keyboard)

Turn off Auto-Correction Feature on iOS and iPadOS keyboard

Follow the steps below for Keyboard Settings

1: Go to the Settings App on iPhone, iPad.

Settings app on iPhone
Settings app on iPhone

2: Then Select the General Option.

5 General on iPhone settings

3: And Scroll Down to the keyboard option

4: Then Disable the Text Predictive and Auto-Correction.

8 Predictive Text Keyboard Settings on iPhone in iOS 11

Apple comes with QuickType which helps you with many of the keyboard tools to go with ease. It has many new and exciting features like emojis and GIFs and more.

1. The keyboard panel, Press and hold on Glob icon.

1 Disable or Turn off Text prediction Keyboard Settings

2. Tap on Keyboard Settings, Next Scroll down and See option for disabling “Predictive.”

7 Disable Predictive on iOS 11

Some iDevice users are hesitating because of text auto replaced with the correct word then only disable this using below way,

Under the Keyboard Settings, > Disable Auto-Correction.

3 Disable Auto Correction on iPhone keyboard

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For iOS 10 or Earlier: For turning ON and OFF you have to touch and hold then you have to select the PREDICTIVE.

For using the QuickType, you have to follow the following steps. First, launch any app in which you can use the keyboard, you have to hold on to the emoji icon in the bottom left of your keyboard display. Then you have to swipe in the upward direction scroll for the predictive tool and enable it.

Useful idea – How to Reset Keyboard Dictionary on iPhone

So using the Predictive Text, we can enjoy ease and mistakes-free, a fast and new style of way of texting.

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