iOS 12: Limit Kids’ Screen Time on iPhone, iPad: Setup Parental Screen Time

Setup Kids screen time on iPhone in iOS 12

It’s Amazing to use Limit Kids’ Screen Time on iPhone and iPad running iOS 12. Perhaps the time has come for parents to control iPhone usage of their kids appropriately. The new screen time and app limit is a big update of iOS 12 running on your iPhone X/iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPad as well and the people who are using currently, loving it. It is the way unique to establish rules and regulations that your kid must have to follow. Track all kids activity and control on apps and games using Screen Time 2018’s iOS feature.

If you are interested in using this screen time for your kid, then you have to add them in your iCloud family sharing account. Once you set up and add them to iCloud family sharing account, you can find their names on the front page of screen time under the category, Family Usage section.

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Setup Kids screen time on iPhone in iOS 12

Now let’s get started, how to limit kids’ screen time in iOS 12 on iPhone, iPad


  1. Kids must be added in your iCloud account. Still, you haven’t set up or add your kids. See how to add kids and how can check Kids are added in your iCloud from your iPhone/iPad settings app.

1 Familiy sharing on iPhone in iOS 12

2: If not then request in your kid’s account via iMessage or create a new Child account.

2 add a new kid in Family sharing for screen time in iOS 12

Add or Setup on Child’s Device Screen Time & Setup with parental control in iOS 12

Step 1: Launch “Settings”.

Step 2: Scroll down and open “Screen Time”.

Step 3: Now, “Tap on kid’s Name” > “Turn on Screen Time” for which you want to turn on “Screen Time”.

3 Turn on Screen TIme for kids on iPhone in iOS 12 remotely

Step 4: Tap “Setup as Parental Controls”.

4 Setup With parental control and Set Downtime on iPhone screen Time in iOS 12

Step 5: Next, you have to set the “Downtime” by scheduling “Start” and “End” time.

5 Set App limit on iPhone in iOS 12 screen time

Step 6: Tap “Set Downtime”.

During this session, you can allow calls, messages or other apps that still your kid can use. Other things will be disabled during this time interval including notifications.

Step 7: Now App Limits page will appear, select the category of applications such as Games, Social Networking, Entertainment and more. Besides, you can set App Limit for more than one category.

Step 8: Tap “Time Amount”.From there you can set time and then tap “Set App Limit”.

Step 9: Moving forward, you will see “Content & Privacy”. The Restrict Content says you can restrict explicit and mature content in iTunes, Music, App Store and websites. Also, you can require your permission to make changes to privacy settings.

Step 10: Enter the four-digit “Parental Password”, and confirm it. Remember Parent password you will need when you want to update settings of screen time for added child.

Step 11: Now all the settings that you have made will be visible on the page. From there you can change Downtime, Apps Limit, Contents & Privacy Restrictions and Always Allowed.

Now if you want to turn off screen time for the added child, then go ahead.

Step 1: In the “Settings”, open “Screen Time”.

Step 2: Tap on “Your Kid’s name”.

Step 3: On the bottom, you will see, “Turn off screen time”.

7 Turn off screen time in iOS 12 on iPhone

Step 4: Enter the parental passcode and disable screen time for your kid.

However, you can also enable screen time for the child by following the same steps above.

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