iOS 17.1.2 Privacy Features That Work as a Shield for iPhone

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Check out these most important iOS Privacy Settings for iPhone, iPadOS Privacy Settings for iPad. Years passed, but Apple never misses a chance to enforce and improve the privacy features on the iPhone and iPad. The iOS and iPadOS is quite an example of it, without your permission, not a single app can access or use data from your iPhone, and ultimately all the applications will have to keep transparency. Since the latest iOS have been released, I’ve tested several features, and branched the Privacy & Security Features separately, which I’m going to list down in this article.

Aside from privacy and Security developments, you might want to take a peek at the best iOS Features. Let’s begin!

Best Privacy Features of the iOS

#1. App Privacy in App Store

App Store is where all the users make mistakes and give leverage to untrusted apps. The newer software update adds up a separate section named App Privacy, where you can get an idea about what type of data that app is going to use, after installation. It’s hard to compromise certain applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, and of course, you’ll download even after knowing it.

App Privacy is mainly for the weird applications available in the App Store, that someday we need to download. With this change now the developers have supposed to enlist the downside of using the app if any.

How do you know about App Privacy? It’s simple, search for the app that you want to download on iPhone or iPad, and scroll down to the App Privacy on the same page. This is it. All the details will be mentioned there.

#2. Password Security Recommendations

Aside from all the Privacy and Security features, Password Security Recommendations sounds interesting. The basic task is to determine the saved and sync password across your iPhone and iPad, for the applications like Safari, for the breaches and duplicity. It will also let you know if you’ve used the same passwords in different apps or features.

Security Recommendations is present in the Settings > Passwords,

which may send you alert after detecting any of the passwords is hit by a data breach. Meanwhile, in your free time, you can take a tour at the Security Recommendations section and fix the data breach issues if any present.

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#3. Secure Face ID and Touch ID Logins

Apple is all set to release Face ID and Touch ID as security for most of the websites in the Safari app. Whether it is iPhone, iPad, or macOS, this feature will work across the entire Apple ecosystem comprising the Safari app. Now you don’t need to enter the password or use the autofill, instead, they’ll use the WebAuthn method, highly secure. Though, the websites need to enable this feature from their end, until then you can’t do anything, but wait.

Enable Face ID for Allow Auto fill in Safari iPhone app
Enable Face ID for Allow Auto fill in Safari iPhone app

In short, the Safari is getting more secure and will give easy access to the websites where you need to enter the credentials every time or use the autofill feature.

#4. Apps Require Permissions to Track

One step forward to the App Privacy; if you find the app helpful and installed it already, of course, we don’t want any random tracker to messed up with private data and the whole iPhone, under such cases, don’t let the App Track the iPhone.

Tracking Security allow to Third Party app on iPhone
Tracking Security allows to Third-Party app on iPhone

For the first time when you open the app after downloading it, a pop-up will come up asking about Tracking, this is the first step you have to take before start using the app. On the other side, if you don’t want the app to track your iPhone, open the Settings app > Privacy > Tracking and manage it.

#5. Reading from Clipboard Notifications

Unquestionably, most of the applications keep an eye on how frequently do you use the app or iPhone itself, they used to track you down, your messages, and everything right from the clipboard, the place where we input the message. So even though, if you don’t send the message after writing and erase it they can track it.

Apple has set an example by tracking down the controversial app, TikTok. We understand that Safari, Chrome, or certain important apps need to track the clipboard in order to enhance the search results, but what would the app like TikTok has to do with it?

It’s not just TikTok, but there are hundreds of popular apps that have been tracking you down from ages for no reason. Since iOS 14 has caught the TikTok red-handed, all the developers practicing this would definitely remove clipboard readings, without any proper reasoning.

#6. Safari’s Integrated Tracking Report

Earlier the Safari was blocking unnecessary cookies and trackers on iPhone and iPad, secretly, taking one step ahead, now it can show you the entire Tracking Report of the websites you visit or visited, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve blocked the trackers, still, the Safari will generate a detailed report showing how safe the website is.

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Open Safari > Tap on aA next to the Address bar in Safari app > See Privacy Report.

Check Website Privacy Report on Safari App on iPhone and iPad
Check Website Privacy Report on Safari App on iPhone and iPad

The Safari Tracking Report includes the tracker’s count that has been blocked for 30 days, the number of sources from where the websites are contacting trackers, and everything in detail.

#7. Visual Camera and Microphone Indicators

Well, this is feature must be indigestible for the hackers who usually track your voice or record activities that you do all day. After the App Privacy and Reading Clipboard Notifications, this will totally stop the thief from looting your private data. You don’t have to do anything, the iPhone and iPad will show two different color lights above the network signal bars, indicating the app is actively using the iPhone’s camera and microphone.

To be clear, when you see orange-colored light on the top, it means, the app is using the microphone of your.

Red dot on Carrier Signal on iPhone
Red dot on Carrier Signal on iPhone

iPhone while the green-colored light shows the camera has been used.

Green dot on Carrier signal on iPhone
Green dot on Carrier signal on iPhone

Plus, if in case you missed out to see those colored indicators due to some or other reason, then bring the Control Center on the screen, and guess what? The iPhone will display the name of the app, that recently used the Microphone or Camera.

#8. Sign in with Apple

Surely by the end of the year, you’ll find Sign in with Apple on most of the popular websites, where people actually need to enter the credentials to access the service. Sign in with Apple, prevents the trackers to note your Apple ID and Password, while when you have Signed in with Apple button, no need to enter the Email ID, simply tap on Sign in with Apple.

It is applicable for the existing login accounts too, just visit the Settings > Passwords.

Passwords settings on iPhone and ipad
Passwords settings on iPhone and ipad

Security Recommendations, to change the login credentials to Sign in with Apple ID on supported platforms.

Change Week passwords from security recommendations
Change Week passwords from security recommendations

#9. Find non-Apple Devices with Find My

This is a big change, don’t know, is it fit with the Privacy and Security features, but I’d love to tell you. Previously the Find My was limited to only Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, AirPods, Apple Watch, but now, the new program will let the third-party accessories to include in the Find My App and will work just as before we used to find the Apple devices.

#10. Precision Location Tracking

If you’d ask me, unless you are using Maps, or any other navigation app, there is no need to enable Precision Location. When Precision Location is disabled, the app will definitely be able to track your location, but the approximate location, not the exact app. It is an add-on to the several applications, otherwise, everything is like before, you don’t need to give your precision location to Weather Apps or Google or Facebook, isn’t it?

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Change it from the Settings app > Privacy > Location Services.

#11. Hide Apps in App Library

The App Library is arguably the best update for the home screen of the iPhone. You don’t need to show all the apps to everyone, keep the needy ones on the home screen, and push the rest of them into App Library. Plus, App Library makes it easier to access the applications by removing clutter, at the same time, we can’t forget the fact that App Library is hiding apps for you.

If you haven’t read our detailed article on What is App Library on iOS 14? How to Use it? Then check it out.

Insignificantly, App Library is only for iOS, you won’t get to use on iPadOS.

#12. Permissions to Select Photos or Albums

Apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, are commonly allowed to access the Photos and Videos stored on our iPhone, I’m talking about the entire collection of photos and videos. Is it fair, to give access to our private media files, for the sack of one or two photos/videos? Absolutely not. Rather only allow the photos/albums and videos that you may need to share via the apps.

Don’t let the apps access the entire library of the iPhone, here’s how to do it. Open the Settings app > Privacy > Photos. (Select from Selected Photos, All Photos and None).

Photos Privacy for All apps on iPhone settings app
Photos Privacy for All apps on iPhone settings app

Now, You will not see the popup like Would like to access your photos. This lets you share photos from your library and save photos to your camera roll. “Select More Photos..“, “Keep Current Selection

Allow All Photos access to app on iPhone and ipad
Allow All Photos access to app on iPhone and ipad

That’s it.

#13. Preserve Location in Local Network

First of all, don’t connect the iPhone, iPad to any local network unless it is necessary. If you connect though, don’t worry, the iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 have an ability to disable the Location Tracking unless it is necessary. It can be managed from the Settings app > Privacy > Location Tracking, set your preferences.

#14. Private Address for Wi-Fi Networks

See your WiFi security on iPhone settings app
See your WiFi security on iPhone settings app

You can prevent network providers from tracking iPhone and iPad, once the Use Private Address is enabled. Luckily, it is by default turned on by Apple, for each Wi-Fi network you connect. This will avoid unnecessary tracking by network operators, and so.

#15. Supports Encrypted DNS

iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 introduced two new forms of DNS to the iPhone and iPad, namely, DoH (DNS-over-HTTPS) and DoT (DNS-over-TLS). They are safety protocols that ensure the encryption between the DNS queries and responses that usually take on the phone. This will avoid hackers from hijacking the network traffic.

Updating this list as we find the new security features for you. So stay connected with us and Follow us on youtube channel [howtoisolve] and Get more updates soon.

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