iOS 15.1/14- What is App Library and How to Use it on iPhone and iPad?

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

App Library was the very first feature that Apple announced in iOS 14, no doubt why people are going to love the App Library of iOS 14 features. The purpose behind adding App Library is to reduce the congestion from the Home Screen, by eliminating the unused applications. With such a big 256GB Internal Storage, I feel bore to delete the applications after downloading even after they are of no use to me, and I lose the track where the application went or sometimes totally it goes out of my mind the app I had downloaded earlier. Is this happens with you too? I’m sure some of you will proudly say YES.

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We all have multiple apps that fall under categories like Most Used, Frequently Used, Need in a week, searching the app when needed, never used after downloading, and the funniest part is we forget the downloaded app, due to workload. This is where iOS 14 App Library comes into the picture.

What is App Library and How to Use it on iPhone and iPad?

The video covered how to find App library iOS 14 on iPhone, how to add an app into the app library on iPhone iOS 14, How to enable setting in iOS 14 to add all newly downloaded app into the app library not on the home screen, How to search an App into App Library on iPhone iOS 14. let’s watch the video to use App library in iOS 14 on iPhone.

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What is App Library in iOS 14 HomeScreen?

That being said, iOS 14 is the first-ever update that almost changes the entire Home Screen, sort of redesigning it. The App Library is where all the Applications of iPhone, iPad are grouped into different cards, categorywise.

For instance, take the example of Entertainment Apps, Netflix, Disney Plus, Hotstar, Hulu, YouTube, HBO, etc. all these applications will be organized into the Entertainment card, such as Three Applications in FULL APP ICON SIZE, and rest will be of small size right in place of four. Don’t get confused, see the Screen Shot, below.

They have added two more independent cards, Suggestions and Recently Added. Suggestions is all about the applications that you use most in daily routine and Recently Added, will be the recently downloaded applications.

How to Create App Library in iOS 14 iPhone, iPad?

Thankfully, you don’t need to be part of all that fuss about creating App Library or Organizing the apps. The iOS 14 intelligently creates the App Library based on your daily routines of app usage and categories of applications.

When you swipe the App Pages to the end, there you’ll find the App Library.

How to Use App Library on iOS 14?

No matter how amazing the iOS 14 organizes the applications of iPad and iPhone in App Library, it is useless, because you have to swipe to the end of the App Pages to access the App Library, and that’s tiresome.

However, all we can do is, minimize the App Pages from the Home Screen, the App Library will automatically come closer.

Adjust all the most used and frequently used applications on one or two pages, and then hide the rest of the app pages. Ultimately here we have to Hide App Pages,

  1. Touch and hold on any app to access the jiggle mode.
  2. Tap on the dock at the bottom.
  3. There deselect the App Pages that you don’t need anymore.
  4. Hit Done.

You Can Choose Download Location for the Apps: App Library Only or Home Screen?

I presume you’re all set and already customized the iPhone Home Screen, learning from the above steps, now what about the apps that you are going to download in the future? They will surely destroy your iPhone home screen, by mixing up with other organized apps. Thankfully, you still have the leverage to store all the new apps to Home Screen or App Library Only, just need to tweak the settings, here’s how.

  1. Go to the Settings App.
  2. Tap Home Screen.
  3. Under NEW APP DOWNLOADS, choose App Library Only or Add to Home Screen.

Watch the video to Hide App pages on Home Screen on iPhone in iOS 14

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This is it.

Now to find a particular Application, use the Spotlight Search like we used to do, also the App Library section comes with Search Bar.

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