How to Open WhatsApp Location in Google Maps on iPhone

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On your iPhone, open WhatsApp Shared Location Google Maps or WhatsApp Live Location, Apple Maps, Waze, or official Apple Map (on any Third-Party Maps). And Start Navigation by road route quickly. Some users also have a query on WhatsApp location not showing the get direction option on unable to start direction.

Do WhatsApp users very well know how to share live location on WhatsApp iPhones within chat conversations? But how to access it? And get directions at the recipient end.

WhatsApp location opens on iPhone’s Google Maps, Maps, and other GPS Apps. So there is no option to change the default map in whatsapp. Here are quick tips to open WhatsApp Location Pin or open live location in google maps.

how to get directions from Shared location on whatsapp

Get Direction is missing on WhatsApp

Important! Make sure the Location service is enabled on your iPhone for all apps or For WhatsApp only, If not Enabled, then Enable location service on your iPhone and WhatsApp as well.

Get directions missing on WhatsApp shared location, How to get direction or route from share location on WhatsApp chat.

  • Go to Settings app
  • Tap Privacy & Security
  • Select Location Services
  • Turn the toggle to the right side to enable Location Services (Global Settings for all apps).
  • Also, check for WhatsApp location services > Scroll down, and Find WhatsApp > Select Always or While Using the App.
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Get Directions for Live Locations or Static Locations on WhatsApp. Share Location on iPhone

Get Direction Static Location on WhatsApp iPhone

  1. Launch the WhatsApp app on your iPhone,
  2. Go to the Conversation, where you received a specific shared location from your friends or family guys.
Open WhatsApp chat conversation Tap on View location on iPhone
Open WhatsApp chat conversation Tap on View location on iPhone
  1. Tap on Location to View Maps on WhatsApp,
  2. Tap on the Share icon at the screen’s bottom left corner.
  3. Select your Maps App installed on your iPhone. Choose Google Maps or Waze where to View the location. See the screen below: Open in Maps, Open in Google Maps, and Open in Waze….
Open WhatsApp Location on Google Maps or Waze
Open WhatsApp Location on Google Maps or Waze
  1. Start Directions, Enjoy the Navigation.
Start WhatsApp Location Direction on Google Maps iPhone
Start WhatsApp Location Direction on Google Maps iPhone

That’s it.

Hope you fixed the WhatsApp share location unable to open or get directions on iPhone.

Can i Get Directions from a Live location on WhatsApp iPhone

In the Recent WhatsApp Update, WhatsApp users can’t share Live Locations directions on Other Maps apps like Google Maps, or Waze… But Allow to share Static Location on Other apps (Explained in the above steps).

Here’s the alternate solution,

Want to share Live location on Google Maps, Here are the steps.

  1. Open the Google Maps app on your iPhone
  2. Tap on your Location appear on Map.
  3. See Share Location
  4. Choose Time Duration (For 1 Hour – Tap on Plus next to Time to add more time) or Select Until you Turn this off.
  5. To Share with People, Select your Contacts added to your Google Account or tap “More Options“. Share your link via Share card.

That’s it.

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  1. Hi, Good explanation but this is just to navigate to the shared location but the question is how to watch the shared live location in google maps, here you are showing the directions, but can we track the same live status in Google maps?

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