Fix iPhone XS Max Keep Showing an iCloud Authentication or Unsupported Apple ID Error

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If you have iPhone, then iCloud is the heart of iPhone, without iCloud, you cannot enjoy the iPhone. You can store pictures, videos, important documents and so much other data if you have an iCloud account. But abruptly you realize that your iCloud account is showing weird error like iPhone XS Max keep showing an “iCloud authentication” or “unsupported Apple ID error” or My “iPhone XS Max Unable To Verify iCloud Login“. This is the Error Message on iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max Error Connecting to iCloud. What steps you have to take to fix this error, because you may not get access to your sensitive data once anything gets wrong.

However, we are here to help you out and fix iPhone XS Max keep showing an iCloud authentication or unsupported Apple ID error by some standard tricks. But before starting with tips, you must check that your iPhone is up to date and Time & Date of your iPhone XS Max is correct. Everything is alright then give a look on below solutions.

Troubleshooting For iCloud Authentication or unsupported Apple ID error

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Solution 1: Sign-out from iCloud and Restart iPhone XS Max

Since it is an account related error, we will begin with the simple sign-out and sign-in to fix iPhone XS Max keep showing an iCloud authentication or unsupported Apple ID error.

  • Go to β€œSettings”.
  • Tap on your name.
  • Then lastly scroll down to the bottom and select β€œSign Out”.
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Now you have to follow the prompts and complete the procedure of Sign out. After that restart iPhone and the sign-in to iCloud account.

  • Go to β€œSettings”.
  • Tap on Sign-in to your device.
  • Enter the Apple ID and passcode.

In case you are using two-factor authentication then enter that 6-digit code and sign-in to iPhone.

Once you are successfully sign-in, again restart the iPhone XS Max and see if the error persists.

Solution 2: Refresh Wi-Fi connection

Another possible reason behind iPhone XS Max showing iCloud error is might be the network connection. If you are connected with a poor Wi-Fi network and trying to sign-in into iCloud account, then iPhone may reflect errors. So disconnect and re-connect with Wi-Fi network. Although it is a network related issue so you can also try turning on Airplane mode and then disable it.

  • Go to β€œSettings” and tap β€œWi-Fi”.

How to toggle on/off Airplane Mode

  1. Launch β€œSettings”.
  2. Tap β€œAirplane Mode”.
  3. Toggle on and off Airplane Mode.

Solution 3: Reset Network Settings

If you are still facing the same error when trying to use iCloud, then resetting network settings will clear all the custom settings to default network settings.

  1. Go to β€œSettings”.
  2. Open β€œGeneral” and tap β€œReset”.
  3. Select β€œReset Network Settings”.

Enter the password and allow iPhone to Reset Network Settings.

Solution 4: Reset Apple ID password

There are chances that you forgot the password, and that’s why iPhone XS Max keep showing an iCloud authentication or Apple ID error. So give a try to reset Apple ID password.

  1. Visit the link to reset the Apple ID password.
  2. You need to click on β€œForgot Password”. Then only you can reset the Apple ID password.
  3. Restore iPhone to its factory settings
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Solution 5: Restore to Factory Settings

Apparently many users who are reading this post will be restored there iPhone XS Max for the first time, and of course, it is painful to restore iPhone to its factory default. Because we need to set it up like we had done for the first time and it is quite annoying to do it. Let’s start.

  1. Launch β€œSettings”.
  2. Tap β€œGeneral” and select β€œReset”.
  3. Next, tap on β€œErase All Content and Settings”.

Give some time to iPhone to restore, and you just sit back and relax.

Using iTunes:

Restore your iPhone using iTunes, Download iOS 12 ipsw and Connect your iPhone to iTunes via lightning cable on Mac or PC.

Hard Reboot by Quickly press and Release Volume up button, Then Quickly Press and Release Volume Down button. Now only press and Hold side button until you see iTunes lightning cable and iTunes logo. At the Same time, iTunes will say your iPhone is in Restore mode. Tap on Restore iPhone, Browser ipsw file and follow the on screen instructions.

Fix iCloud Login Error on iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, Message is iCloud Authentication and Unsupported Apple ID Error. Recover iCloud account.

Solution 6: Contact Apple Support

After doing so much of hard work to fix iPhone XS/ XR/ iPhone XS Max keep showing an iCloud authentication or unsupported Apple ID error still, the result is negative then now you can’t do anything except for contacting Apple Support. concern your problem from Apple Helpdesk online. Don’t share your Login credentials to other repair and the unknown person.

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Wrap up!

Apple ID-related issues we can authenticate successfully if you are the real owner of the device on anyhow. So Don’t be panic and understand the situations and take an action.

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