Useful Siri Commands for Mac in 2024 (All MacOS)

Some Mac users ignore Siri characteristics on Mac because they seem to be irritating or disturbing to others while they are on the job at the office or at home. Some Siri customization options help you, like changing the Siri activation command Disable or Enable the “Hey Siri” command. Or Disable it permanently under the Mac system preference setting. Here I find out Siri commands list that we can try and understand the importance of Siri on iMac, MacBook Pro, Air, or MacMini.

First, I listed fundamental Use in Daily Siri commands, and then Funny Siri commands that proved how Siri is powerful.

100+ Helpful List of Siri Commands for Mac Users

Level 1: Change settings from Siri commands

System Settings Siri command [M1 and Intel Mac]

  1. Set Timer:- Set a timer for __ minutes
  2. Turn on Low Power Mode: “Turn on Low Power mode” [macOS Monterey or later macOS allow to Manage Low Power mode on Mac]
  3. Enable/ Disable Do not disturb: “Turn on Do not disturb” & “Turn off..
  4. Just Befor Start meeting, “Turn on Meeting Focus”
  5. Settings: “Show me network Settings.”
  6. Brightness: “Make the screen brighter” or “Dimmer.”
  7. Stop all types of sound: “Mute the Volume.”
  8. Change Volume: “increase the Volume” or “Decrease the Volume.”
  9. Bluetooth: “Turn on Bluetooth” & “Turn off..
  10. Siri: “Disable Siri
  11. Sleep: “Put my computer to sleep.”
  12. Wi-Fi: “Turn off Wi-Fi
  13. Display: “Change my Display Settings” or “Change my screen wallpaper.”
  14. Check Free space on iCloud from Mac: “How much iCloud Storage do I have.”
  15. Alarm:- Wake me up in ____ minutes
  16. Get Weather Details:- Show me hourly weather

Get more – How to Enable Type to Siri on Mac

Siri Photos Command on Mac

  1. Open the last photo in Preview
  2. Show me My Photos of [Tag – Snow]
  3. Find my photos taken this summer or Winter
  4. Find My Photos from [Place name]
  5. Create a Slideshow of my photos from [Duration – One Week, Month]
  6. Show me my Photos of my Birthday
  7. Show me my All Screenshot

Siri Command for Music Control

  1. “Play”
  2. “Pause”
  3. “Stop”
  4. “Skip forward/Back”
  5. “Shuffle this album/shuffle off”
  6. “What is this track”
  7. “Add this track to my playlist”

Level 2: Miscellaneous Siri commands For MacOS

Open Apps like Safari, Mail App, Messages, Website, Document folder, Picture folder: “Open” app name or folder name

Find Installed MacOS high Sierra version: “What OS Version is this?

Find Photo from the name: Improved photo app now saved full details of the picture from where you have taken or Date: “Show me photos from New York” or “Show me pictures of last year or Week or Day.”

Send Text or reply text from notification center: Text “Name of send on” Your message

Play Music: Play “Name of song or album” & “Skip this song.”

Movie: “Find Movies” Name of the movie

Reminder: Call reminder “Remind me to call Brother.”

Find Mails in Siri:

  • For New Mail “Check email.”
  • Find the new email from specific address “Any new email from Roy.”
  • Show the email from Roy yesterday.”

Level 3: Funny Siri commands try on Mac

Don’t have a Real coin:- “Flip a coin,” Get a Head or Tail.

Funny Siri commands for MacOS Sierra

Siri commands list does not end; we will update handy basic Siri commands by adding more to the above list. Till then, connect with us for great upgrades.

Useful Troubleshooting – Fix Siri not working on Mac

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