macOS Monterey Low Power Mode: How to Enable/Disable Low Power Mode on Mac

Last Updated on Aug 3, 2021

All About first time introduced new Power reserve settings for mac machine called Low Power mode in macOS 12 Monterey. Let’s Get here What is Low Power Mode on a Mac computer and How to enable-disable Low Power mode (LPM) on your rechargeable Apple Laptop.

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Apple tries to cover and discuss the significant features, and that doesn’t mean the newer updates come with whatever Apple introduced new settings and programs. Some settings come in glimpse after the update is released to the users, and Apple enthusiast like you and me discovers and share it with others. One of them is Low Power Mode. The iOS devices already have Low Power Mode, but it was major missing in iPadOS and MacOS, but this time, we’ve got Low Power Mode in iPad and Mac too.

Low Power Mode tends to decrease battery usage by disabling unnecessary background activities, reducing screen brightness, turning off the visual effects, and everything that could save the device’s battery life. Though, when the device’s battery lowers down to 20%, the system will send a prompt asking you to turn on Low Power Mode. Now it’s official, with macOS Monterey, you can anytime use the Low Power Mode on MacBook to save the battery until you reach the plug point.

How to Turn On Low Power Mode On MacBook Pro, Air macOS Monterey

To enable Low Power Mode on MacBook Pro, MacBook Air should be running the latest macOS Monterey or newer software version.

Unfortunately, there is no shortcut or direct option available as of right now to enable Low Power Mode in macOS Monterey quickly. Though, we’re hoping Apple would definitely add it in the future.

  1. Click on the Apple icon.
  2. Select System Preferences.
  3. Find and click on Battery.
  4. Now again, select the Battery option in the sidebar.enable-low-power-mode-on-macbook-with-monterey
  5. The last option is Low power mode. Check the box of Low power mode to enable it.

Furthermore, for macOS Monterey users, you can choose to enable Low Power Mode when MacBook is unplugged or plugged; it can be set from the Power Adapter section, just below the Battery in the same window.

ūüí°Important: Check MacBook Battery Cycle Count also Get tips on How to add Battery Widget on Mac

Battery Health:..Just like iPhone and iPad, Mac laptop users can also check Battery Health and Condition in terms of Percentage. Under the Battery Health Option. Click on Apple logo > System Preferences > Battery > Battery From sidebar > See Option Battery Health in last.

we can also reset all the values using Using Restore Defaults option under Mac Battery Settings.

How to Disable Low Power Mode On Mac in MacOS Monterey

  1. Open System Preferences from the Apple icon.
  2. Go to Battery.
  3. Select Battery in the sidebar.
  4. Uncheck the Low Power Mode option.

Tips to enable Low Power mode on iPad [iPadOS 15 or later]: Settings app > Battery > Enable Low Power Mode toggle and that’s it.


Now, all Apple devices have power up with low power mode, which helps in consume battery before die and user can stay longer while on work. Low Power mode iPad is also possible.

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