iOS 16.5: How to Mail Whatsapp Chat History from iPhone in 2023

email address and send Zip file

There is an official way to backup Whatsapp chat history & media to iCloud so if you lose your iPhone or switch to a new one, your chat history is safe. Apart from that, here I will show you, take backup of individual or group chat backup by Apple Mail App, mean you can do mail Whatsapp chat history from iPhone.

We know that the sometimes message history perform a great role as a proof. So it is important to us that you are able to save them. Since as an alternate way I provide you the option to send Whatsapp chat history attached to an email. To do that, following steps will help you easily. don’t miss- take backup WhatsApp Video on iPhone.

Note: The Mail app allows only send up to 25MB chat history in an email. Though for large size Zip file you can upload on Google drive app.

Steps to send Mail Whatsapp Chat History from iPhone

Step 1. Launch Whatsapp on your iPhone.

Step 2. Now Choose a Group chat or any individual chat and Slide that at left side.

Step 3. Now tap on More (…) that you can see in given below screen.E- Mail Whatsapp Chat History from iPhone iOS 9

Step 4. Tap on Export Chat.Export Chat Whatsapp on iPhone

Step 5. Now you will get two options Attach Media and Without Media.

Attaching media Zip file will generate large chat archive and without media take only text into the attachment file. So choose your desired option.Attach Media and Without Media

Step 6. Please Wait until Exporting Chat…

Step 7.  Now tap on Mail.

Step 8. Enter correct email address and send Zip file.Exporting Chat…

You’re done.

An iOS Whatsapp version has more features from to forwarding multiples messages to a single chat history backup option. In addition, you can also share chats of between your colleague, mate and more, on other third-party apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype and supported sharing apps.

Video to getting Cool WhatsApp Tips & Tricks

Any query about on to mail Whatsapp Chat history from iPhone, please don’t hesitate and share it with us in following comment box.
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