NordLayer Reviews in 2024: Pros – Cons & Buying Guide

NordLayer is a VPN solution custom-made for enterprises. It was previously known as Nord VPN, then rebranded to be known as NordLayer in 2021. It is a product of Nord security which is based in Panama. 

NordLayer has an innovative user interface, and it is well suited for small enterprises that need faster speed and security to work in a remote work environment. The product has a control panel that’s simple and easy to navigate. Once you create a user account, the control panel has various options to manage access for the teams and departments. This also makes controlled access possible. You can connect 6 devices with each account.

NordLayer has many features that add up to be an advantage in favor of the software users. Still, it also constitutes a few disadvantages, such as NordLayer has only 33 server locations. In contrast, the General VPN from Nord has 60+ locations, and the centralized setting options for the app are very restrictive. Also, many users have reviewed the software as the one that might need an infrastructure upgrade. That being said, let’s elaborate on the NordLayer service features.

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1→ Robust security & encryption

NordLayer uses AES 256-bit encryption, the highest possible security available to encrypt your data. Additionally, the whole data here is RAM only, which means that no user information is stored physically on the server. The security measures taken by NordLayer are top of the class and ensure there is no data leakage. 

2→ Activity Tracking

Once you create logins for the team with the enterprise VPN solution, you can track the logs of each member to check their activity, check-ins, and the device used for the same.

3→ Multiple Authentication Methods

NordLayer offers a variety of authentication methods for logging in to the account. This acts as an added layer of security for the account. The basic login is followed by Two-factor authentication or SSO with Google, Azure, etc. The advanced version also has the option for biometric authentication with a dedicated server option. 

4→ Kill switch

A Kill switch ensures data security and privacy if your VPN connection drops. This disconnects your device from the internet so as to maintain security until the VPN gets connected again. This is one of the more basic features available with VPN software.

5→ Remote Access

NordLayer’s intelligent remote access ensures faster connectivity and steady bandwidth for remote logins. This is more suitable for enterprises with remote working, freelancers, etc. where the team needs to access company servers from different locations as part of their routine. 

6→ Auto-connect facility

Once you log in to your device and connect to the VPN, NordLayer provides an option to set up auto-connect every time the device detects the network. This saves time everytime.

7→ Third-party Integrations

NordLayer offers third-party integrations to ensure that the account is managed and accessed in a secure fashion. For instance, NordLayer offers SSO authentication with okla integration while logging into the account. 

8→ Mobile Access

NordLayer makes it easy to access your account from any compatible device. Once you create your profile and set up your account, connecting to the same on any mobile device is a piece of cake. First, select the server location from 33 given countries that you wish to connect to. Also, it offers various setting options for the same. 

9→ Policy & Compliance Management

NordLayer supports multiple settings and allows those to be in line with your policies. It helps in the policy and compliance management of the enterprise.

10→ Multi-protocol

NordLayer offers a multi-protocol setting for the application. You can manually choose from IKEv2, OpenVPN (UDP or TCP), or let the NordLayer platform select the best setting for you with the default selected option.

11→ DNS Leak Protection

NordLayer ensures that all the queries are routed through its DNS servers, and its DNS protection technology makes sure that all the private data of customers are protected at all times. 

12→ Dedicated server

With the advanced plan, NordLayer offers an option to get dedicated servers for your enterprise. These have additional network and security advantages like biometric authentication for account security, site-to-site tunneling, etc. This comes at an additional cost on top of the cost of an advanced plan. 

Overall, the NordLayer system is well-organized and suited for large enterprises’ needs.

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NordLayer Supported Devices

NordLayer supports any device with Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and Android TV. Over and above these, a manual setup option is available for NAS devices, wireless routers, and other such platforms.

NordLayer server locations

NordLayer VPN for enterprises has 33 locations, including Hong Kong, Singapore, etc., while its general customer version has 60 locations. The thing that might bug you still is that there isn’t any server location available for Africa and South America. 

NordLayer Pricing & Add-On features

  • Basic

The basic plan for this product is available at $9 per user per month. When billed annually, it can be availed at $7 per user per month i.e. the total comes down to $84. This plan includes all the basic features of the application, such as:

  • Integration with major operating systems
  • No limit on the number of user accounts
  • Full access control panel
  • Ability to transfer Licence
  • All-in-one billing and settings 
  • Multiple security layers
  • Auto-connect feature
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • And more…

    In addition to this 24*7 customer support is available with this. 

  • Advanced

With the advanced package, there are some additional benefits over and above the ones already being offered in the basic plan. The first and most important is the ability to purchase Dedicated servers with additional cost, of course. There are specific pros to having dedicated servers. Such as, 

  • Dedicated IP
  • 33+ dedicated server locations
  • DNS leakage protection
  • Site-to-site connectivity
  • Remote access
  • Biometric security layer
  • Network Segmentation
  • And more…

    Additionally, they offer Dedicated account management and priority 24*7 customer service to the subscribers of the Advance plan. This plan is available at $12 per user per month, and if billed annually, it is available at a discounted rate of $9 per user per month, amounting to $108. 

  • Custom

The custom plan for NordLayer is a step up from the Advanced plan and includes all the same features. The purpose of creating a custom plan is to create a network access security solution that is best suited to the structure and requirements of your business. Additionally, this plan also includes Premium 24*7 customer service and technical support. The cost of this plan depends upon the services and conditions that come together to create a robust plan for your business. 

Apart from VPN servers, NordLayer also offers cybersec solutions wherein it offers protection against hosting malware and acts as an ad blocker. Also, one of the security features scans the dark web to check if the user’s personal information has been leaked and alerts the user in real-time to change the security codes and passwords in such cases. 

While the major areas regarding the software are covered so far, there still might be some questions before deciding upon the software. Some of them can be,

Why is NordLayer worth buying?

NordLayer is more expensive than the other VPN software available in the market. But, it is a good option if security is your major concern. In that case, balancing out the price against the features and the robust security NordLayer offers seems fair and reasonable. 

NordLayer is an enterprise-level VPN solution that offers great speed and bandwidth for faster network usage, robust security and the highest level of encryption at a competitive price with respect to these features.

Has Anyone Used NordLayer Formerly NordVPN Teams?

NordLayer VPN service is useful if you need a static connection. It has ample security measures, but alternative products are available in the market with superior infrastructure and more coverage. 

How many devices can you connect with one account for NordLayer?

Once the account is created, you can log into your account from 6 different devices, including mobile devices. Also, you can manage and control the activity on each device from your account.

Can you share your NordLayer account with your family/friends?

No. Ideally, you shouldn’t share your NordLayer account since it is an enterprise-level VPN and is meant to access the company’s servers. However, this might jeopardise the data security and privacy of the company data.

Does NordLayer have a trial pack?

No, but you can take a demo if needed. Additionally, NordLayer has a basic pack that you can subscribe to initially and get started. In case you are not satisfied with the services or if they are not up to mark for you, you can avail of their money-back guarantee. There is no contract holding you down from that.

What if I don’t like NordLayer after I purchase it?

It is advisable you do your research and demo test the software. But, in case you don’t find it up to the mark after you purchase it, you can get by with the help of NordLayer’s money-back guarantee. 

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