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Edit office document on best MS office alternatives: iPhone

Hopto as a best MS office alternatives

MS office alternatives for iPhone and iPad are very useful for professional, education and business. You must have to use this alternative to edit or create new file – Word, PowerPoint and Excel file, in your iPhone and iPad. Clean and Easy designed interface for user is very handy apps …

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Top best note apps for iPhone and iPad: iOS

Evernote Note - Best Best Note apps for iPhone and iPad

Note app is the most useful features of iPhone and iPad. There are many Best note apps for iPhone and iPad, but here we have some of the top best five apps for iPhone and iPad. Using these different apps, you can write your outstanding notes, meeting details and also using …

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Best iPhone Alarm Clock Apps of 2019: Free & Pro

Rise Alarm Clock- Best alarm clock for iPhone, iPad

These apps are used for the raise you in the early morning, remember your essential date, time and function by setting it. Some apps also provide weather information and temperature measurement. There are many best apps for Alarm Clock, but here, we prepare a list of some necessary and most …

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Best QR Code and Barcode Scanner apps for iPhone and iPad [2019]

RedLaser - Very accurate barcode scan app

There are many barcode scanner apps available on Apple iTunes store. But here are given some top nine best barcode scanner apps for iPhone and iPad. Generally, Barcode scanner is used for business looking, library and the hand-held scanner. A barcode scanner is cost-effective, fast and reliable. Data obtained from …

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How to Setup Apple Pay on iPhone

If you want to make payment via Apple pay  at retailer store [Note: – First time Apple Pay Setup must be required, after that you can elect to use Apple pay feature in your iOSdevices, still iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus users only can get facility of the mobile …

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Best today widget notification app for Yosemite OS X: Mac

1 Password - supporting today widget in yosemite

OS X Yosemite is the newest version of Mac OS. It was published on 16 October. It contains number of features such as redesign the OS X, widgets, continuance, iMessage integration. Using Today widget notification app for Yosemite you can enlarge declaration center with widgets, improve the messages and mail, …

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How to send audio message in iMessage OS X Yosemite

Send voice message in iMessage OS X Yosemite

Now Mac users also can sent audio bit message over iMessage app to iOS device – iPhone and iPad. For that you don’t need any extra hardware and third party apps. This is the inbuilt features added in last released Mac OS X. from this tutorial you can learn how …

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