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How to take panorama Photo in iOS 8: iPhone 6

swipe white arrow to take panorama Photo in iOS 8

Would you like panorama with HD clarity? Let’s, ready to shoot it in iOS 8 with us. Here are we share to you, how to capture or take panorama photo in iOS 8 or shoot 360 photo from iOS 8, iPhone 6 and 6 plus. Apple’s new launched iPhone 6 …

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Best today view widget app for iOS 8, iOS 7 – iPhone, iPad

today view widget Apps that can accessible in toady view

Some of the iPhone and iPad apps are giving notification in today view inside notification center. Here are the very useful that can help notify you for useful news, private message reminder, daily updates, upcoming events, Airlines timetable, Calendar event, Top stories on selected topic, Save file, Manage task, as …

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How to share iCloud photo stream iPhone, iPad

To add new Stream in your iPhone and ipad

Everybody know that iCloud has an online data storage drive of the Apple. You can store your data in them up to 5 GB data free of charges. A merit of the iCloud is user can easily access his\her data everywhere in the world through Apple ID and password and …

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Best third party keyboard for iOS 8: iKeywi

open iKeywi app, third party keyboard For iPhone 6

There are so many third party keyboards apps for the iOS 8, and yeah one of the keyboard you may already installed or I think you want to install it in your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus are other iOS 8 device. The apple has provided this feature only …

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Could not sign in, Check internet Conn login apple ID -iPhone

Could not sign in, Check internet connection on iPhone

In your iPhone and iPad, Apple ID signing time giving error “Could not sign in, Check internet conn login apple ID”. There are many possibilities apart from wrong email ID or password entered in your iPhone and iPad. Let’s try to resolve by pointing all the possibilities throughout this tutorial …

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How to take and save crop photo in iOS 8 photo app [Camera]

Normally, Photo taker have made many mistakes one of them, covered extra space surround the object – Personal photo, family or couple photo by accidentally or other reason. At the time of you must need crop extra picture in your iOS 8, iPhone and iPad. But Apple included this features …

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How to Recover Deleted Facebook Message in iPhone

Setting for facebook to get archive

Facebook has become bulky Social networks in the world. Millions of users have to use facebook in the entire world. Everybody know that FB is a kind of medium with use of it, the user can share his\her picture, life event as well chatting with other people, video calling and …

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iMessage “Waiting for Activation” Error on iPhone [Get How to Fix]

Solved solutions on Waiting for Activation

Accidentally, On iMessage activation displaying alert iMessage “Waiting for activation” error on first time, Due to many reasons, In The Long Run, are you getting Screen with message Activation Unsuccessful. Turn on iMessage to try again. it Doesn’t matter you’re iMessage Won’t activate with AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and Any other …

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