Unique Gifts for Mom: Best Accessories Gifts for Mother’s Day

Eyeing for best in technology accessories gift for mother’s day that you never seen in anywhere but now in big deals for Mother’s days, only for best memories and surprise that you never feel. Around you have many gift ideas and Hallucinations, but you can’t decide what you have to do in short duration, means

How to Reboot or Force Restart iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

How to Reboot or Force Restart iPhone 7

The Force Restart method for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 is a little bit different than iPhone 6S Plus and earlier models. Hence, you will need to know this necessary procedure as early as possible. Because, Force Restart/ Reboot way is an ideal, essential and official way (while Phone gets stuck, Screen occurs unresponsive (touch

How to Send invisible ink or Hidden iMessage from iPhone/ iPad

1 send invisible ink bubble effect in iMessage iOS 10 app

iMessage text effect mainly categorized into two parts. First is Bubble and second is Screen effect. From here learn how to send invisible ink or hidden iMessage text from iPhone/ iPad. This effect is impressed quick and easy to send no more extra selection required. If you want to add screen effect with Bubble in