Most Popular Bill Splitting Apps for iPhone, iPad: Faster Cost Splitter

Best Bill splitting App for iPhone, iPad Apple Watch

We gathered an awesome collation of the Best bill Splitting Apps for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch users. These digital online payment tools are useful for Split expenses including parties, socials Costs, group holidays tour as well outdoor dinner bill, roommate and more. You guys, try this the really sophisticated way to collect person to

Addicting puzzle games for iPhone: brain game

Traffic Game for iPad Car Puzzle games in 2015

Keep away dull time with the excellent Best puzzle games for iPad and iPhone. Millions for the Game app available in App Store for iPhone, iPad and Mac desktop. But Best that you can’t find on the long list. That time you don’t have any experience with the new game that might be west your

Great Apps for Tracking Business Expenses on iPhone, iPad

Best iPhone Business Expense Tracker app

After the good budget expense iPhone apps, we have got quite easy to use and in the real-time top in-demand best iPhone business expense tracker apps. If you are a business owner or an Accounting person or doing the job then you must use this business expense-tracking app. These apps help you manage your total

How to use Spotlight in OS X Yosemite: Mac

Spotlight for powerful search in Mac yosemite

Spotlight is best for the finding something on your Mac OS X Yosemite fast and easily. Spotlight search start detecting files when you start the typing in the spotlight search field at a starting character. You have Use Spotlight in OS X Yosemite for the finding web page related internet history, correct word definition and

How to set password on Mac WiFi hotspot: Yosemite

inside network see your current status

Using Mac WiFi hotspot you can connect multiple devices through Internet Sharing. To Turn on /Enable /set password on Mac WiFi hotspot you can share your internet with more than one connection securely. After that no one WiFi enabled device can connect without password set on your Mac WiFi hotspot.  Sometimes it will be possible

How to setup and use iCloud drive on iPhone, iPad and Mac

this is screen for Setup and Use iCloud Account

iCloud drive, Upgraded version of iCloud in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. iCloud drive have a many advance features as compare to iCloud. To use iCloud drive you must upgrade your iOS and OS X. here you can learn how to setup and use iCloud drive on iPhone, iPad and Mac Yosemite. Till before,

Optimize/ improve battery life of MacBook Pro and Air

Increase your Mac notebook battery life and it’s efficiency, Here you can get essential tips related to Optimize/increase the battery life of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. I hope it’ll help you get the maximum battery life to your Mac. You can use beautiful battery charge dock for your Mac Notebook. Let’s beneath there you can get

How to turn on WiFi hotspot on Mac and share with iPhone

Sharing to enable wifi hotspot.

Hotspot are essentially wireless access point as a private network, so it’s  provide network and internet access to your mobile devices after turn on WiFi hotspot on Mac. In the case of, when you have no wireless internet (WiFi) or Career data plans on your iDevices. But you have only broad band network connection. Now

Downgrade Yosemite to mavericks OS X in Mac: Steps

Take restore or downgrade using time Machine

Yosemite OS X 10.10, released on 16th Sep 14, Till today Yosemite is the newly updated version of OS X for your Mac, MacBook. However, Most of the former people don’t want to use and run Yosemite on his/her Mac machine behind many reasons. At the time after upgrade your OLD OS X like mavericks

6 Top Best Video Calling Apps for iPhone, iPad in 2019

Best video calling Apps for iPhone iPad

pic from top best Video calling apps for iPhone that can give you a better experience and high-quality performance during face time/video call using it on your iOS devices. Using this app, we can make editing easy on big-screen iPhones. Would you like alternate iOS video call apps with instant messaging to your iPhone? Get