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How can I Do My iPhone, iPad in Un-Jailbreak Mode?

iPhone, iPad both are in Un-Jailbreak Mode

If you have jailbroken iOS devices, and later you find your iDevice is less stable as well that the battery drains quick down than normal mode. So, inherently you feel inconvenience with it right. You should restoring  the phone in its normal mode. Then follow this given step by step …

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How to Reboot/Turn on/Restart iPhone, iPad Without Power Button

reboot iPhone and iPad without Power button

Apple’s devices support intelligent software and within the software. It provides hardware constriction on iPhone, iPad, etc., if accidentally your Apple iPhone Physical Power button, Sleep/Wake Button or Side Button will break or it’s already broken, and you want to restart or reboot your iPhone, at that time what do …

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Download iOS 12 ipsw File for iPad – iOS 10/9 Firmware

All iOS iPSW file ipad firmware

iOS firmware for iPad – iPSW file is setup for your iPad, using this file you can update, Downgrade, reset or repair your iOS of iPad using iTunes. From this article, you can find hundred of different links on all iPad for the different category, iOS version support. You can …

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