Setup Professional Voicemail Greetings on iPhone (Examples)

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There was a time when we were mad for the funny and creative voicemail greetings, but it seems time has gone. Now everyone leaves WhatsApp and iMessage instead of voicemails. For the exceptions, we have prepared this article to set up custom voicemail greetings on iOS with some sample Voicemail Greeting messages for iPhone (Unique, Personal, Business, and Busy), which take almost less than two minutes if you correctly follow the steps. Undoubtedly, many professionals still actively use the voicemail feature for office purposes.

If you are tired of a robotic voice, then why not use the facility allotted to you, and create a voicemail greeting in your style, that suits your personality, whether professional or short voicemail greeting that will talk on behalf when you can’t attend the call for any reason. Get it with the tutorial, and learn how to create a custom voicemail message on iPhone. This voicemail trick is useful for all iPhone models users, iPhone 15 Series, 14 Series…& Older Models.

How to Create Personal Voicemail Greetings on iPhone

What should you do before recording a professional voicemail greeting on your iPhone?

Since you are recording audio, ensure you are in a silent place or a place with minimum background noise. This will help you create a perfect business voicemail greeting.

After creating, the Voicemail Greeting, you can test it by calling your number from another phone, and see if it is playing correctly or not.

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The outgoing voicemail can be changed anytime, on iPhone

  1. Open the Phone App.
  2. On the lower screen, tap on the Voicemail option.
  3. Select Custom, with this option, you can record the personal voicemail greeting on the iPhone.
  4. Tap Record, to start recording the voicemail greeting message on the iPhone. Greeting samples are given in this article below,
  5. Once you are done with recording, tap Play to listen.
  6. Lastly, if everything is alright, and the custom voicemail recording is perfect, tap Save.

Here are a few impressive Voicemail Greeting formats we can use for our Business, Prepare your IVR system using free Text-to-speech convert online. Let’s Find your Favorite one that suits your Business type, like Doctors Clinic, Crunch Office, Low Office, Avaya Office, Dental Office, General Office, Leasing office, Call center, Customer Support office, Legel Office, Ooma office, temporary Out of Office Voicemail.

Sample Good Greeting Voicemail For iPhone

  • This is (name of your company) I’m currently unable to take your call. Please leave your name, phone number, and a brief message, and I will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you.
  • Hi, This is (your Name). I can’t take your call right now, but I would like yo return it as soon as I can. So, please leave me a detailed confidential message after the tone. If you need immediate assistance. Please call my secretary, (Secretary name) at extension 12345. Thanks for your call.
  • Thank you for calling (Your Company name or your name). Our normal office is (from the time) to (to time) Monday thru Friday. Please call back during office-related inquiries. However, if you have an emergency or need immediate assistance, please leave your name and phone number as I reach as soon as possible. Thank you.
  • Hello, You have reached the office of (name). I’m presently on another call and am unable to attend to you. If you leave your name and telephone number, I will return your call. Thank you.
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This is it. If you are unsatisfied with the custom voicemail greeting, follow the same steps and do it again.

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