How to Turn Off Siri Suggestions on iPhone Lock Screen (iOS 17.4.1)

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to turn Off Siri Suggestions and Spotlight Search on your iPhone.

If you don’t want to forget important tasks, you shouldn’t turn off Siri’s suggestions on the lock screen and Spotlight Search. It is just like when you create a note, Siri will remind you to complete that task on time, even on the lock screen. Of course, in case, you don’t want to share your private information, you should definitely disable Siri’s suggestions on the lock screen on iPhone. Some users feel annoyed seeing Recently used Apps or most used Apps that show on lock screen spotlight search under Siri App Suggestions or On Spotlight Search. Let’s Know How to Hide or Turn off Siri Suggestions on iPhone/iPad.

We all appreciate Siri’s suggestions while searching for something, apps, and on the keyboard, too. At this level, Siri improves and enhances user experience. But still turning off Siri suggestions on the lock screen is a better choice. After all, it is your private information on why to share with others. Isn’t it right?

Turn OFF Siri App Suggestions on the Lock Screen on iPhone and iPad

Step #1: Open “Settings” from the home screen.

Step #2: Find and open “Siri & Search”.

Open Siri and Search for Suggestions on Lock Screen
Open Siri and Search for Suggestions on Lock Screen

Step #3: Scroll and turn off “Show Suggestions” toggle (Gray).

Stop Siri Showing Suggestions on iPhone
Stop Siri Showing Suggestions on iPhone

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From now on, Siri will not suggest anything on the lock screen. If you ever change your mind to switch on Siri suggestions on the lock screen in iOS, follow the bottom steps and enable Siri suggestion on the lock screen on your iPhone.

  • Go to Settings App> Navigate and tap Siri & Search> Scroll down the screen till Show Suggestions ON/Green.

It’s straightforward!

Now, again, you will get Siri’s suggestion, which is made in Apps, or when you search using Keyboard and Lookup.

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